Someone mentioned RGC earlier, and being a part of the clan, I figured I'd introduce it to the regulars of this community. And, for those who don't know, this is not the real lnsomniacsDream, only the faux name I chose for myself for the past year. And with that, I give you RGC.

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RGC, otherwise known as 'Renegade Gaming Community' is a pretty decently sized gaming organization. It branched and broke off from XG, (Exiled Gaming?) for questionable leadership.

It's ran by several 'Forerunners' who built the group ground-up, most of which were former XG members. As for manners and etiquette goes, it's for the most part based on respect and a loosely-held definition of honor.

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As a member of the Renegade Gaming Community (“RGC”), I will treat all other gamers with respect and fairness. In any match or game I participate in, I will observe the rules of fair play and sportsmanship.

I understand that other than basic button and game glitches that are readily assessable to all gamers, any sort of cheating or manipulation of online play is strictly prohibited for all members of RGC. I further understand that cheating or manipulation of online play includes but is not limited to activities such as “modding,” bridging, “standbying,” forcing host, circle-boosting, and the use of action replay for purposes other than basic movie-making.

Although mild forms of trash talking is acceptable during game play, at no point will I engage in disrespectful behavior that will adversely impact the reputation of RGC. Further, I am aware that at no point is any form of trash talking acceptable if it is directed at a fellow RGC member or recruit. I also understand that any type of communication or behavior consisting of racism, sexism or any other inappropriate discriminatory material is unacceptable and forbidden in RGC.

I know that as a member of RGC, I cannot be affiliated with another gaming community or clan. I am also aware of, and agree to abide by the RGC Regulations, which can be found on the RGC website. I understand that violations of this Honor Code as well as violations of the RGC Regulations will be handled pursuant to the RGC Regulations, which include disciplinary sanctions such as demotion, suspension, and permanent removal from RGC.

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Renegade Gaming Community is all about building friendships and personal growth in my opinion. You may first join just to have a good environment for recreational gaming, (which RGC does offer) but that soon changes as you meet some really cool players, and get responsibility handed down to you.
Over the past few months, I have been thinking to myself why I like Renegade Gaming Community so much. I really could not get a good answer to that, and struggled to find the logic in that. But over the past few days I hit an epitaph and discovered why, and wanted to share it.
Now this is not going to be a long boring Biography, so just continue reading. The first day that I joined was also the day that I quit my MLG team Talksik. I personally at the time was so hateful towards people who played games for fun, mainly because I was a selfish mean person who only cared about myself. I didn't really want to join, but I didn't want to continue being a jerk, so I did. I excelled at what I needed to do, but still struggled to fit in with this entire recreational community. I had troubles finding very skilled MLG players, and almost wanted to quit.
Just when I was thinking of quiting, I realized I had some great friends, better than the ones in real life I had. The ones in real life were deceitful and malicious jerks like myself. I from that day decided to stay in the community and learn from it to better myself and others.

Well that is my story of joining KoG. As for joining RGC, I just got a transfer over, nothing new .

So what do I think RGC is about? I think it is about finding ourselves and amplifying the fun we get playing games. Before KoG and RGC, I had no leadership and was a very hateful person. After words and to this day, I am a nice person who has gained substantial amount of leadership and confidence from Renegade Gaming Community.

On a closing note...RGC is beneficial to almost any gamer out there and you will regret it if you do not join.

From what I know, they're based in Halo 3, Call of Duty 4, and Rainbow Six Vegas 2. And until recently, I've seen several RGC members spring up right here in Chromehounds too.

So if you're interested in joining, (and I don't care either way, just here to spread the word), take the link.