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Thread: Valkyria Chronicles 4 gameplay

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    Default Valkyria Chronicles 4 gameplay

    Looking good. If you ever played the first game you'll feel right at home

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    Gameplay footage from two maps:

    Things I noticed:

    3:49 - The tank only uses one CP and has limited ammo, ala VC3.

    4:07 - The new grenadier class intercepts and damages tanks.

    8:05 - Fallen units instantly disappear/are evacuated.

    11:50 - The enemy used an order that enabled them to bring two units with them, ala Kurts special ability in VC3.

    31:39 - Enemy paratroops

    38:00 - A sniper counter attacks, and seemingly readies for interception fire.

    One of the streets in the first map is called "Market Garden Street" a reference to operation Market Garden from WW2, and possible theme of the game, as the operation Northern Cross being clearly inspired by it.

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    The best character is without a doubt Ragnarok the dog.

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    The gameplay looks great for VC4. I can't wait.

    I loved the original and sadly never had the opportunity to play the others (3 was never even ported here), but 4 looks like it has a lot of what I loved about the original, including in terms of gameplay.


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