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Thread: So I just finished 0 and Kiwami, Moving onto 3 next, what should I expect?

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    Default So I just finished 0 and Kiwami, Moving onto 3 next, what should I expect?

    As the title said, I Just finished Kiwami after finishing 0 and I have Yakuza 3 due for delivery sometime soon. Going to skip 2 as it's been remade and it's stupid money for a ps2 copy. Also have 4 and 5 downloaded on my ps3 ready to play. Looking forward to Count Takeshi's appearance in 6!

    I'm worried I'll be taken by surprise somehow by the step back to ps3 era games. From videos I've seen of these games they look decent so visuals are no issue. I love the series so far and might be a bit vexed to be surprised by (for example) wonky controls compared to 0 and Kiwami. I figured any negative difference will be less felt if I already knew about it.

    How do the older 3,4 & 5 feel in terms of responsiveness compared to kiwami and 0 in your opinion?

    Thanks in advance!
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    They are certainly a step back in that regard, after all they run at half the fps with drops, so it won't be as responsive or as smooth as 0 or Kiwami. The combat in general is more limited, in Y3 you only have one combat style. In 4 and 5 you have four styles, but they are separated between four characters.

    3 and 4 are less seamless when it comes to getting in and out of random encounters compared to the later entries such as 5, 0 or Kiwami, so more downtime in that regard. No game before 0 has a dash feature, so you'll be jogging when going around.

    One thing Y3 has over the rest is the wall bound mechanics, they are quite developed in that game, and you can get in some nice combos if you get and enemy against a wall and bounce them off it. But it goes both ways, enemies can use it against you as well.

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    Yakuza 3 will be a big step back, but not so much with 4 and 5. Yakuza 3 looks great, but the combat will be very restricted and actually harder than the other games. I'd say pick normal, and play 3 for the story. Yakuza 4 and 5 are way better and reward you pretty well for exploring and finishing side quests unlike Yakuza 3.

    Oh, and if you are willing to put your sanity on the line and play hide and seek with the kids? Just get a guide and save yourself the agony.
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