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Thread: Docked, Portable, Pro, Joy Con: How Do You Play?

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    Default Docked, Portable, Pro, Joy Con: How Do You Play?

    So as I have been playing different games on my Switch, I have noticed something about the way I play. There are certain games that I play primarily portable, while other games I only play docked. There are some games that I NEED the Pro Controller, and there are others that I prefer the Joy Con.

    Mario Odyssey- Almost always portable. It just feels good to play a fully 3d Mario on a handheld, kinda reminds me of my DS back in the day. I also don't find the graphics that impressive on the tv, but in portable mode it looks great!

    Splatoon 2- Always Docked, and always Pro Controller. I will not settle for anything less! Also, I can't imagine moving the screen around in my hands.

    Volgarr The Viking- Docked or Portable, but always with Joy Con. The Pro Controller D-pad is just too inaccurate. I need four buttons in a platformer like that so that I can always be sure of exactly which direction I'm pressing. I need to know that down will always be down, and right will always be right. D-pads in general aren't as accurate for simple 4-directional movement as buttons are.

    SteamWorld Dig 2- Docked or Portable, preferably Joy Con for reasons stated before. Four directional buttons>d-pad for platformers imo.

    What games do you play, and how do you play them? Do you find the Joy Con to be the preferable way to play? Do you tend to play portable more than docked or vice versa?

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    Haven't played docked much. So maybe 80% portable. Don't own a Pro controller yet. Joycons are comfy. The d-pad works great for sidescrollers but I use the analog for 8-way/full top down movement. The analog of Joycons surprisingly work well for 2D games, the "distance" in moving it around is a little different than when I play on other controllers. Not sure if that actually makes a difference or just a placebo.

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    Docking style work for me but sometimes the games be too ugly so I switch to portable position.

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    Don't own a switch yet, but I imagine the majority of my time playing will be docked.

    Though I do see myself taking xbc2 on the go despite it looking and running like jank undocked, almost every other game I want thus far will be docked.

    Especially splatoon 2. Can't stand the lag and ping issues of the first game despite having a lan adapter for my wii U and being plugged directly in my ethernet port of my router, and wifi only for the switch, let alone trying to view and aim (big eliter 3k scope user myself) I would rather either the joycon or the pro controller, though, I want to see if nintendo plans on tweaking future models for the pro controller.
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    Picked up a switch for my wife for christmas. She seems to only enjoy portable mode. I personally only use it docked.
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    Portable. I actually like the freedom of playing on the small screen, completely separate from the TV.
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    Docked with a Pro controller, like any normal adult gamer would.
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    whichever i feel like at the moment, maybe ill wanna play normally or by the computer or maybe break

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    Most of my time on it is spent playing in portable mode.
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