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Thread: Show AngryJoe Some Love

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    Default Show AngryJoe Some Love

    I remember there was a tug of war at the beginning when he first played Yakuza 0 because it was to RPG-like for him, but he stuck it out and gave one of the best, surprisingly in depth and fair reviews, way better than his other stuff in my opinion.

    Not only that, he's rated it as #7 on his top 10 best 2017 games list. It's not even a 2017 game, so I'm not surprised many people are mentioning it, but we all know who's fault that is.

    Anyway, head over to AngryJoe's channel and show the man some love. He probably sold more copies of Yakuza 0 than the marketing team of US/EU Sega.

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    Never heard of him!!

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    Definitely nice to see it getting recognition. But the games he put above it... eh, let's just say I really disagree with that ranking.

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    All right, I deleted a few posts of pointless arguing. Let's dial it back, and take it anyplace else but here.


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