Hi everyone. This time, I'll talk about my experience racing on the Race of Ages track (Time Attack Mode, Mirror) in Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed (Wii U version). I looked forward to racing on this track when I first knew about it. I thought it reminded me of Rainbow Road from the Mario Kart series. Every Mario Kart game has a different Rainbow Road course. One thing that they all have in common, besides the colors of the rainbow, is they are all some of the most difficult courses in their respective games. It looks like Race of Ages is staged in a futuristic city, and the race car track looks like a big orange circuit board. There are all kinds of holograms featuring Sega characters and consoles. I think I even saw a hologram of the Arcade Cup Trophy. I had to be careful when boosting on narrow parts of the track, because it is so easy to fall. With more experience, driving on the narrow track was not as intimidating like when I first started. I know where the Sonic hologram is on the course, but if I go on my preferred route, I won't see it. There is a fork in the road where depending if you go left or right, you can transform your race car into a boat or plane as indicated by the moving holograms. In Time Attack though, you can only transform into a boat. I think that the plane should have been utilized in Time Attack. The boat could have been used on the regular course, and the plane could have been used on the mirror course, oh well... I believe that in this case the boat route is harder anyway. I knew that if I was going to accomplish my goal, I would have to be great using the boat. However, boating on Race of Ages is different than for any other course. The key is getting as many stunt boosts as possible from the waves that are created. It's very challenging though, if you time a stunt wrong, you'll wipe out. For those of you that have had a lot of failed stunts, don't feel bad, because I've certainly had my fair share. Over time, I think I've noticed that the waves come in patterns, and on a different lap there might be a different set, but I don't know this for sure. The most important thing to remember is to pay close attention to the water and try to pick a good time to perform a stunt. The big waves usually yield the best opportunities but that's not always the case. I broke 1:16.000, but I wanted to do a little better than that. It's very difficult to find the ideal lap, especially in regards to the boating. Even with experience, luck is still a big factor in getting a great lap. However, I finally got a pretty good lap. I'll just talk about what happened in the boat because that's where the achievement was made. I got a stunt at the start which was augmented by the boost panel, so you know I went left at the first fork. I performed two more stunts before the big ramp. Even though the plane is not used, there is still an element of flying by getting a big jump at the ramp. I went up the left side of the ramp and got a huge jump. As a matter of fact, it was so big that I almost missed my turn to the right when I landed! I was fortunate enough to get one final stunt, which was powered up by a boost panel. I then used my boost to get out of the choppy waters. I crossed the finish line ahead of the Expert Ghost by more than two seconds. I'm proud of my accomplishment and I'll conclude this post with one last thing, but first I have one extra story for you. I played my first S Class Mirror Arcade Cup. I won race 1 at Graveyard Gig, race 2 at Adder's Lair, and race 3 at Burning Depths. The majority of those were close races. In race 4 at Race of Ages, I had a big lead. I remember flying the plane through that odd area which looks like cyberspace or something similar. Did anyone else see the giant holographic worm close to the end of the plane area? It looks like a bug in the computer system, I wonder if Dr. Eggman is responsible for that... Back to my story, I made it to the final straightaway. All I had to do was go through the transfer portal to reach the finish line and I would sweep the S Class Arcade Cup races on my first try. Then disaster struck. There was a glitch in the game and I couldn't get through the portal, it had turned into a black wall. I was unable to finish the race, the only thing I could do was quit. That was very discouraging, but I decided to try the cup again right away. The glitch may have been a blessing in disguise, because I did even better than my previous run. Not only did I sweep the S Class Arcade Cup, I finished more than one minute ahead of Sonic in Race of Ages. Well, I hope that you have all enjoyed reading my stories, I have certainly enjoyed writing them. The last thing I wanted to say is that Race of Ages has a lot of different holograms, but it was missing one. It's okay, I added it myself. It's my Tails Ghost Hologram! - Super Prower