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    Recently, Phantasy Star celebrated its 30th anniversary.
    I was wondering if any PS trinkets or memorabilia were made.
    And I was wondering if there could be another PS game made in the likeness of the original first four Phantasy Star Games.

    If the above is possible, I would like to see two prequels to Phantasy Star III.
    I mentioned the possibility of this in another forum:

    The first prequel would take place at the same time as Phantasy Star II. But the game would take place on Palma only because, as you recall, in Phantasy Star 2, Palma becomes isolated from Motavia, and Dezoris since Mother Brain banned Space Travel). The protagonist would explore Palma and delve into its politics surrounding how and why Mother Brain came to be in the Algol Solar System. Along the way, the protagonist will be joined by intellectuals, free-thinking individuals, and any others who are disgruntled and question Palman society's complete dependence on Mother Brain. Somewhere in the game, you will encounter Tyler (the "space pirate" who saved Rolf in Gaira in PSII), and he will join your party. Eventually, you learn that the Palman Government is indoctrinated into the acceptance & dependence of Mother Brain, and will stop anybody who questions Mother Brain. During this ordeal the protagonist and company realize their over-dependence on Her, and she does not do anything to help Palmans in times of crises (like the crises from PS II, and the crisis of Gaira falling to destroy Palma. The protagonist and Tyler warn Palmans about impending doom, and rush toward older spaceships and experimental biosphere ships that eventually were barred from flying (due to the space accident that lead to the ban on space travel).
    But they must fight their way against indoctrinated Palmans and Governmental Officials who are preventing them from saving Palma. The protagonist and Tyler win and take off in a ship to save Palmans escaping the impending destruction of Palma. In addition, Tyler will make an attempt to fly to Gaira in hope to change Gaira's course.
    He is able to enter Gaira, but cannot change the Satellite's Course. But he is able to Save Rolf from PSII.

    The second prequel should take place 1000 year after PSII. It involves Palmans on one of the experimental biosphere ships, and split between 2 groups. They initially get along. But a series of events cause dissension between the groups. One group, would be followers of Orakio, and you will play as Orakio with Miun and Siren. In fact, one part of this prequel would play from Orakio's perspective with Laya as the Final Boss, but after fighting her, she and Orakio realize Dark Force sewed dissension to cause war and destruction between Palmans.
    In the second part, you play as Laya, Lune, etc. But you fight Orakio and again both realize that dissension was caused by Dark Force. Orakio and Laya Join up.

    The last part of this prequel would involve them making Orakio's Law and Laya's Law (no human shall harm another human), going to the sages who bestow the word Nei to strengthen their weapons, fighting Orakio's brother Rulakir, and defeating Dark Force. But the victory is bitter sweet, as Orakio and Laya defeat Dark Force and they both die while imprisoning Dark Force in an underwater Temple. But Laya (being Layan and able to use magic), casts a spell onto Miun, Siren, and Lune so they may survive. Miun winds up on Aridia and Siren and Lune each wind up on the "satellites".

    The Orakians and Layans only learn of Orakio's Law or Laya's Law, but not of Dark Force who was behind the Orakian and Layan War. So they continue fighting with Robots and Monsters.

    These prequels are long-shots, but they might be able to work.

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