This reddit post by me brings much of the details

So considering how much the Saturn has a rep for its nightmarish architecture, does this apply to 2D games? Several people in the above discussion post it was substantially easier to make 2D games and I seen in the N64 community complaints of how the console was such a mess to develop 2D for because the system has a complicated safeguards in place that its though the N64 is intentionally built with a lock against 2D development.

I mean shovelware companies such as DataEast never complain about the Saturn's horrific architecture and difficulties it brings when they were publishing their crappy shmups and fighting games. To the point it was common for the Saturn version to be released first and with superior graphics to the PSX version in one way or another.

I mean we even got 2D crap that should not have been published such as Zork, Zoop, and Space Invaders! Hence why I ask. If the Saturn's reputation is true, why don't we see the same complaints for 2D games and why were companeis even willing to make 2D shovelware crap that actually played well such as Zork and publish them for the Saturn?

I mean all the complaints about the Saturn were always when the company was making 3D games.