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Thread: Blake, Yang and half of the BlazBlue Tag's rosters are PAID DLC

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    Default Blake, Yang and half of the BlazBlue Tag's rosters are PAID DLC

    What the hell?
    Its a reused asset game! That's like if Capcom vs SNK 2 charged you for the horrible Morrigan Sprite.
    So just to recap, all of the characters from up to the Blake reveal trailer are the base game; the rest of them? Day 1 DLC from the looks of it.
    This doesn't even make sense, and its laughable how you basically only have 2 of the RWBY main cast representing the franchise because of it. Also from the looks of it? Part of the main from Persona 4 and main characters from Under Night are paid DLC.
    FOR A REUSED ASSET GAME; as in "we made a game, because we had a lot of sprites on stock", and judging from a leak not few weeks ago, Goku from Dragon Ball Z is also in the game as DLC.
    Speaking of which, the base form Goku and Vegeta are going to be paid DLC for Dragon Ball Fighter Z; Not super saiyan or any of those likes, the normal forms of these characters.

    Remember when everyone said that ArcSys was going to kill Capcom? Well Capcom is charging 60 bucks for an entire Street Fighter collection with dedicated netplay for the likes of II, II X, 3rd Strike and Alpha 3. And by the looks of a leak from the same guy who leaked TMNT in Injustice AND Soul Calibur VI, they're giving free DLC for Marvel vs Capcom Infinite in the guise of Vergil, Old Man Logan, Gene from God Hand, Doctor Doom and one of the characters out of Breath of Fire.

    What happened? These guys grabbed them by the balls at EVO with Capcom having a laughable performance, and here we are with the latter giving out free DLC and a game collection with dedicated netplay whilst the other does the same mistakes Capcom did in the early 2010 era with UMVC3 and Street Fighter X Tekken

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    Not gonna lie. This is a ing embarrassing idea.

    Why? There are good ways to do DLC(as expansions) and there are BAAAAAAAAAD ways to do DLC. This spells Asset flip at our expense.
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    Laughable and embarrassing, especially when you consider these are niche limited-market titles too.

    Definitely skipping this one unless there's a "complete edition" later on, lol.
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    It's like companies see one company get blasted and hated by the world for making stupid choices and then they say "we can make a much dumber decision than that"
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