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Thread: Nintendo is nothing without sega.

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    Default Nintendo is nothing without sega.

    Have you ever wonder how Nintendo constantly makes great games of super high quality? It very simple, be the opposite of sega. Yes you too can make super amazing games by being the opposite of sega and sonicteam. All you need is an example of failure to stop you from doing things the wrong way.

    I'm always instructing my game designers on the history of the characters and worlds we've created. Often we're in development and I'll say, "Oh, this looks like a Sega game. We need to make it look more like Mario."

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    This quote was taken out of context from a ten year old article. It was spoken by Shigeru Miyamoto, and he wasn't using Sega as an example of failure. As lead designer for Nintendo, naturally he would want their games to be unique from Sega's. I'm going to close this thread as it is misleading and could lead to flaming.


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