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Thread: Incoming Personnel: Sgt. Winter, Eric S.

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    Default Incoming Personnel: Sgt. Winter, Eric S.

    Clearance: Classified or above. FOUO
    To: HRC, Tarakian Dept. of Defense
    From: Commander, TRADOC, US Army Armor School

    Subject: Sgt. Winter, Eric S.

    After careful deliberation and exhaustive interviews throughout TRADOC and FORSCOM, we have decided to place Sergeant Eric S. Winter, XXX-XX-XXXX on orders to report to the Xeres Barracks as HOUND liaison between the Tarakian HOUND division and the United States Army. It was decided that while senior Officers and NCOs are more often than not put into these positions, said individuals have not had as much cockpit time in HOUNDS or ACVs, due to their longevity in service. A junior NCO such as Sgt. Winter has more often than not spent as least as much time in future combat systems as they have in the turret of an Abrams.

    Sergeant Winter's military experience includes a year in Iraq, immediately following the 2003 invasion, where he operated as an Abrams/HMMWV driver and gunner, as well as a dismounted machine gunner in Diyala province. After his return stateside, he was promoted to Sergeant, and transferred to the Armor School in Fort Knox, where he was trained, and trained officers in turn on both HOUND and ACV systems. He shows an exceptional level of flexibility, discipline, as well as technical and tactical knowledge.

    As a HOUND pilot, Sgt. Winter is most comfortable with the soldier RT, displays above average proficiency with Defender and Sniper RTs, and is adequately trained in Commander and Scout RTs. Due to his lack of non-ACV indirect-fire training, and the lack of training availability at Fort Sill's HOUND Artillery School, Sgt. Winter is not qualified to operate nor instruct users of Heavy Gunner RTs. That said, Sgt. Winter is exceptional with direct-fire systems, and will be accompanied overseas by his HOUND, 'Dead-Line', a middle-range Soldier/Defender.

    It is our highest hopes and expectations that this young NCO will be able to teach, mentor, and aid your HOUND cavalry in the coming conflict.

    US, Armor, Commanding.[/url]

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    Go Sgt. Winter, Eric S?


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