I'm very happy to announce that the SEGA forums will be moving to a new software platform next week! We're all really very excited on this end to see the change go up, and I'm sure everyone here is also excited to see the changes. Here's a rundown of what to expect:

The current forums (you are here) are going to close at approximately 1am PST on May 18. We will be offline for approximately 4 days and relaunching with a new board on May 21. During the Downtime, the forums will be set to a Read Only state, no new postings will take place during this time.

What Will be Different, What Will be the Same
In moving to the new vBulletin software platform, we will see some changes to the existing forums.

We will be merging all of our forums into a single space. This will grow our community and bring our friends on other boards into one single board. This shouldn't change the posting experience for anyone, and make it easier to maintain posts, private messages, etc.

We will allow for custom Avatars and signature images. Most users should meet the requirements we set up to allow for them. If you want to get a jump on the new avatars, specs are as follows: images must be 100x100 in size, they cannot be animated, and must be ~30k in size.

Signature dimensions and sizes have not yet been decided, we will update this thread when we know more or unveil it on May 21st depending on what makes the most sense.

During the downtime, I recommend heading to our social media pages to rest and relax while we do the work to bring the new boards to you, all the good links are below: