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Thread: Pioneer2 Newcomers (and returning android)

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    Default Pioneer2 Newcomers (and returning android)

    FOmar Fsamlinaos
    -The Debut

    "Coming soon."


    HUnewearl Yuha
    -The Birth

    "Coming soon."


    RAcast "AeroJet" Blazenix
    -The Mission

    "The meteor was heading into Ragol with rising momentum and heat, causing gradual damage to an android, stuck on it. A few seconds after bursting through the ozone layer, it detahced itself from the rock and fell far in a distant area. Business duo Grysvox and Beepo found the remaining body in the Lupis Silva area, bringing back to the Hakio Co. HeadQuarters, on Pioneer2. The group's head Hakio joined with FOmar biologist Jonathan to repair and study the android, realizing that it isn't from either Pioneer 2, Ragol or the ship's home planet Coral. Months of analysis and maintenance unabled consciousness and functions of the android, going by the name AeroJet Blazenix. A jet-boost system is included, but has been disabled upon the damage from the meteor crash. Given the role of a RAcast and the mission to personally investiguate the cause of the meteor's sudden appearance, Blazenix must join troups of Hunters to form a force and find the origins of this event."

    "Blazenix has been newly introduced to the world of Pioneer2 and Ragol, though "past experiences it can remember" allows him to carry over his mission by adapting quickly to the multiple tasks and battle skills. Not one to reveal his mysterious identity, he will show a quiet and socially restrained behavior to others he believes will interfere with his mission. Until further activities because available to him to execute, little can be known from him.

    Blazenix's potential allows him to specialize in using various guns and blades, as well as Traps."


    RAcast Carl (Carlson)
    -The Return

    "A long time had passed after the events of the mission involving Heathcliff Flowen and the chaos on Gal Da Val Island. But ever since its integrity into the RAcast role, Carl could only think of one thing in mind (as long as it has one): seek fun. It ventured on its own outside the allowed exploration areas of Lupis Silva, but a day later the meteor was heading to Ragol. In a turn of hectic and shocking events, the meteor crashed on the surface and contacts to the RAcast were lost: at the most upsetting surprise, the gray-metallic, cubical artificial robot known as Carlson made it back to Pioneer2, a few minutes after the crash. But the body armor, along with the carried equipment, has been destroyed in the explosion. Months have passed since mechanist expert Hakio and young biologist Jonathan have worked together to rebuild a new RAcast-class armor: it was only a matter of time before Carl, the unstoppable one-humanoid craze would return to set foot on a brand new adventure, back to its roots."

    -Veteran RAcast Carlson, at first glance, is what you would see as a huge, bluish robot that behaves like a "noob" nonstop. But Carl knows no boundaries, guilt or slow-paced reasoning, and will constantly be full of energy. Carl is actually a tiny but size/shape-shifting, robotic, artificial lifeform of unknown origins that controls the RAcast and can be seen through Symbol Chatting. Having mysteriously appeared all of a sudden in a lab, it has been involved with many going-ons on Pioneer2 ever since, including the Central Dome explosion.

    Carlson has a very "mind" of its own: strangely, attempts at reading it causes visual distortion and trippy behavior that can destroy the brain functions of both living things and computers alike. Its childish but amazingly unparallelled behavior is the only thing that can be relied to understand its will: fun, riot and quick-witted reaction in response to any interactions.

    Carlson does not seem to comprehend life, death, love, sadness or anger, making it hard to understand negative responses from other teammates. But behaviors showing that it is willing to help teammates show its good-intended, ever happy side: not shifting mood even in the most serious and tense of situation, Carl is a reassuring but usually self-centered member that will enjoy its adventures and battles to the bitter (or, more likely in his case, rewarding) end.

    When not in mission or lobbies, Carlson will simply resume to its random action, playing around by itself until something happens.

    Carl's potential allows it to specialize in using absolutely any weapons it can equip.-

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