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Thread: ***Petition to Save the Servers***

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    Chromehounds is the GREATEST game on xbox, Im actuall losing sight in playing xbox now without CH so please help get the servers back.
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    Default Chromehounds

    Yeah, im gutted.

    I spent several hours nearly every night for 3 years on Chromehounds. Thousands of Hours as Pezthebrave in some of the best squads (Devils of War, The Dreamteam, Iron Maidens). I can tell you I havent logged onto XBOX live in over 8 weeks. I've tried loads of different games, but nothing comes close to Chromehounds.
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    Ok everybody, I've taken ms-kleaneasy's advise on the Ubisoft forum and have posted on Xbox's website forum to get an answer as to why the CH servers were shut down and to inquire about a chance to bring them back on Xbox Live.

    Go here to post:
    You'll have to create an account.
    After you create your account, click on "Forums"
    Go to "Xbox Live Discussion"
    My post is "Chromehounds and the need for an Answer"

    We'll see what happens.

    Are you there...

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    We need to get this godly game up and running again everyone needs to sign the petition my gt is little nerd77 Chromehounds is da best

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