We all know everyone loves the flying triple on Meades, but with S. Cemo fading as the only map anyone will play we came up with some heavy triples that work pretty well on the more mountainous/hilly maps:

Flatbed Triple*******:

- Heaviest Morskoj treads
- Bstrd cannon on treads
- Bstrd cannon hooked to one side of the center Bstrd
- Nobili off other side of center Bstrd
- Ushb off of Nobili
- Johnston pit off Ushb
- 3rd Bstrd off Nobili

Skinny Asifa Triple with a Lee:

- Heaviest Morskoj treads
- Asifa mounted on treads
- Nobili off one side of center Asifa
- 2nd Nobili off first
- Lee pit off back Nobili
- 2nd Asifa off back Nobili
- 3rd Asifa off open side of Lee pit

Obviously the guns pop off just the same, but getting sniped in a "dead" gun won't kill you like a Brooke build. These aren't as slow as they would seem. They are about the same speed as a Naqa during actual play.