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Thread: HoV Flare Nader

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    Default HoV Flare Nader

    - Naqa legs
    - G-Zahara gennie on Naqas
    - Finger V spacer pointing out front (vertical) off Zahara
    - AM-130 armor on lower peg of Finger spacer
    - 4 x Mushmis (20 shots) in a dimond shape on top mount of Finger spacer
    - 3 x Sal Kar flare mortars on top of nades
    - C-110 pit on top of Zahara
    - Thermal on back of C110

    This one takes a bit of practice but is very effective. The key is to not shoot the mortars until you get close then you shoot them so they pop right in front of the enemy's face. Then, switch the thermal on and nade away. It blinds (badly) the enemy and many will turn broadside to avoid the light which makes them very susceptible to nades.

    5-0 on S. Cemo so far.
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