It is difficult to establish an active Clan website unless you have 50+ members and keep it active. I am offering a Clan Forum area on my website for any Clans who are looking for a home and a place to gather.

Our clan area in our forums is already established. Please have a minimum of 5-8 active members. There is no fee or charge and ever will be but a min of 5-8 active members is worth my time to make the forum and style for the forum area.

The leader will have the rank of Clan Moderator and have full privileges for moderating his Clan area. You run your own show in your Clan forums. I can if you have enough members make a Style specific just for your Clan's forum.

I know it is not owning your own site, but it is free, no goofy advertisements like most free hosting has, and you do not have to know anything about coding, website Admin or maintenance. We have an arcade for passing time.. Blog etc..

If you have any interest our link is below, just PM x626xBlack and i will assist you in getting things started.