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Thread: Sonic Heroes: Marble Zone, Team Metal Sonic?

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    Default Sonic Heroes: Marble Zone, Team Metal Sonic?

    Usually, I have no faith in ridiculous claims like this, but this is the first one I ran into. I feel like I should risk looking stupid in order to find out.

    Once upon a time, I looked up cheats for Sonic Heroes. I hadn't had it long, and I was really looking forward to sinking my teeth into it.

    And I found two of what appeared to be the most demanding unlockables I'd ever seen.

    One was Team Metal Sonic, which required obtaining all of the emblems and playing fifty matches in which both teams used the "metal coat" cheat. Supposedly, at this point, you'd be shipped off to fight Metal Overlord again, and if you won, Team Metal Sonic would be unlocked.

    The second, less believable one, was a 3D Marble Zone. Its requirements were stated to be:
    -Complete every mission with an A rank
    -Beat every mission in 5 minutes or less
    -Earn each Chaos Emerald in 1 minute or less
    -Beat every mission having destroyed each and every enemy in 6 or less minutes
    -Don't let gameplay time reach 100 hours before you've accomplished all this

    These were submitted by different people, so while one could be fake, the other could very well be true. A link to where I found the cheats is here. Can someone help me distinguish fact from fangasm, here?

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    Actually, im glad this was brought up, because i was always curious about the "Team metal Sonic" shiz, because it consisted of; Speed: Metal Sonic; Fly: Eggman, and Power: Chaos. i always wondered if it was true or not.

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    Sonic Heroes has no Metal Sonic models in the playmodel/ folder. All metal versions of the characters are prefixed as "f" as in "Fake". There are also no additional metal sonic player icon files.

    There is also no 3D Marble Zone.

    Hoaxes sure die quick when you have the file tree to look at!

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    Thank you very much, I appreciate you telling me. Guess I'll just sit here and wait, then, for if it isn't in the first time around, a hacker will be sure to put it in later.


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