It's been a few months since I don't play the game, now I get in, I try to play "With Everyone" and most of time the message of "Connection lost" appears.

So yeah, tried to play like 13 times with a friend and the Wifi crashes like 8/13 times.

That without counting the "awesome" feature of the game for not putting an autostart if someone doesn't press anything.. (I wonder what's the job of Game Testers at SEGA division).

Now returning to the topic, there're also some other things that are awesome due to the lag:

1. I see online friends under the ground sometimes.
2. Sometimes you finish 1st, and then the results say you're 4th or whatever.
3. Awesome teleports of people.

=/ I'd swear that a few months ago this wouldn't happen THAT much.

Before any of you say "Check your internet", my internet is quite perfect, I use LAN adapter for the Wii, and I have 20 MB contracted which are very stable.