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Thread: The House of the Dead: OVERKILL Extended Cut (Reviews thread)

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    Default The House of the Dead: OVERKILL Extended Cut (Reviews thread)

    Post any reviews related to this game with the headline or a small summery of the game and the link to the page.

    Two years later, a Wii game rises from its grave.
    7.5 OVERALL Good (out of 10)

    I really wanted to love House of the Dead: Overkill when it came to the Wii in 2009. An on-rails shooter, Overkill oozes fun with over the top dialogue, mutant dismemberment and tons to unlock. Trouble was, the Wii could barely run the game. It would chug, stutter and frustrate me with technical limitations that ruined the experience. That isn't a problem on the PlayStation 3.
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    Default House Of The Dead: Overkill Extended Cut Gave Me Multiple Goregasms

    StickTwiddlers review

    When House of the Dead: Overkill was released on the Wii it broke headlines for its content, but I applauded SEGA and Headstrong Games for releasing a game of this nature that was actually fun to play with a fair amount of tongue-in-cheek humour involved.

    On the SEGA forums, there became demand to have it released for the PS Move and now we have it. HOTD: Overkill Extended also comes with a fair few extras to that of its Wii counterpart including two new levels as well as some more extra content to collect.
    Is it enough to warrant a second purchase for those that already have the Wii version? I answer that with a resounding, hell yes!

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