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Thread: Build Types for newbies to consider after you learn how to synth

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    Default Build Types For Newbies To Consider After You Learn How to Synth

    Part 1: Build Types

    I realised there is a gap in the types of build which exist in KC.
    Hope to get this thread stickied for newbies to learn mob build 101. This guide is of a moderate to high difficulty level, meant for you to consider what kind of builds exist in KC after you master your synthing. Feel free to add on your build, I will edit this post from time to time.

    This guide will be divided in (a) Normal Build (b) Bomb Build (c) Anti-Bomb Build (d) Misc/Super Rares. Anti-Bombs are used to counter Bombs, Bombs are used to counter Normal Builds and Normal Builds are used to counter Anti-Bombs.
    To skip the directly to view the builds, scroll down to section (a) Normal Build.

    This guide is up-to-date 06/05/12. THIS GUIDE IS BASED ON VERSION C, SEASON 2.

    What this thread is NOT
    It will not teach you how to synth.
    To learn how to Synth refer to my newbie guide on Synthing and flip to the last page:
    It will not teach you how to Stat. For learning how to Stat pls refer to my Stat guide and flip to the last page:

    What this thread IS
    It will let you understand the purpose of each unit, what it counters and the effectiveness, there is no perfect unit. REMEMBER, the most perfect Build is to have every Build, that way you can counter everything.

    Users are expected to know the units by looking at their base skills.
    All skill levels are assumed to be level 7 to be effective unless otherwise stated. Do take note that the max researchable unit cost is 7.0, any higher cost has to be bought using CP.

    I did not add a section on low level cost 4.0 pairings because almost any pair with 1 range and 1 non-range will do at early levels, increase/level the attack+speed high enough combined with sufficient mobs and it will be able to take down any level 4-5 land. Most pro players, however, buy extra cost with CP to get a 6.5 Super Rare pairing (e.g. Dullahan, Minotaur Commander with high siege and high stats) to take down early towers. The bigger problem comes in when people start reaching level 6-9 lands where they realise pumping Attack and Speed just will not work anymore and thats where a more complex build covered in this guide will be req'd.

    Game Calculation Mechanism:

    Normal damage cap is 1.1xunit mob count, normal damage is dependent on your attack-enemy defence. There is no Spell damage cap for Round Bloom/Dark Reel/Typhoon, spell damage is dependent on both attack and intelligence.

    Mind Shift cannot be stacked in Version C.

    Scutum/Aegis can still reduce damage to 1 with 50+ Int but you need to train a high mob count.
    The specific damage taken if enemy has higher mob count than you (when guarded by Scutum/Aegis)= 10% x mob count difference

    Min. damage taken for any normal attack = 10% x enemy mob count

    Counter Skills:
    Rapid Trick>>Rapid Shift or Quick Shift (Unit must have higher base Speed than enemy, Rapid Trick will randomly negate either a Pre-emptive strike or Speed or both)
    Defend Trick>>Defend Shift
    Assault Trick>>Assault Shift
    Mind Trick>> Mind Shift

    Always remember for any build to take note of unit bonuses for the same race, even veterans sometimes forget and send a bug report to complain of wrong casting order eg. myself.

    The numbering at the side of each unit represents my designed casting order. i.e. 3F = Front Mob 3rd to cast. For most builds, casting orders are essential but some are not, however I added in for all for completeness sake. To create casting order, please refer to my stat guide Speed section in the link given above.

    Poison Damage:
    Skill/poison level:

    Venom Haze:
    lvl3: 18%, lvl10: 21% of total mob count, last 8 turns
    Dirty Fang: lvl3: 22.5%, lvl10: 25.75% of total mob count, last 8 turns
    Poison Field: lvl1: 5%, lvl3: 6%, lvl7: 8%, lvl8: 9%, lvl10: 10% of remaining mob count, last 8 turns, stackable with multiple hits
    Toxic Breath: lvl3: 9.8%, lvl5: 12%, lvl6: 14%, lvl7: 15% of remaining mob count, last 8 turns, not stackable
    Poison Imbue: lvl10: 5% of remaining mob count, last 8 turns

    Race Tier Bonus:


    **Side Guide on Skill, Stat Selection and Building from Scratch

    -All units chosen should ideally have high Speed and Int increase, only these need to be increased with a touch of increase in Attack.
    -All other stats can be augmented effectively by their respective Shifts/Auras except Siege.
    -Burst Range and Tail Wind can increase unit attack range by 1.
    -Auras only affect the Mob itself.
    -Shifts/Tricks affects all Ally/Enemy Units.
    -Cheapest and most effective offensive spells to synth are Dark Reel and Typhoon with a Casting Range 2.
    -Always put Dark Reel and Typhoon casters on the Front position.
    -Scutum/Aegis reduces damage to one which can make units look invulnerable if successfully casted but Tricks are usually more reliable in the long run (units will however take more damage).
    -Rapid Shifts and Quicks Shifts are ideal for PVP to ensure first strike.
    -Mirage Shift and Rapid Tricks can help to counter first strikes.
    -Always know what you want your final build to be, its strengths and limitations.

    (a) Normal Build
    Normal Builds are highly reliable Builds which most players use for any situation from PVP to PVE. They utilize a combination of Shifts to strengthen themselves while using Tricks to weaken the enemy. All Builds need to start off with a Mind Shift before casting any other Shift/Trick. Beast units are used in many of these Builds because they are basic units, easily available and have very high Stat/Siege increases, ideal for any situation. The only drawback is almost non of the Beast units have any Range, use with care.

    1. Standard Demihuman/Undead Starter Builds
    1L Lizardman Ranger: Defend Trick Mirage Shift Mirage
    2R Royal Lizardman: Assault Shift Mind Shift Assault Trick
    3F Goblin Fighter: Assault Trick Defend Trick Typhoon

    1L Ghost: Dark Reel Mind Shift Rapid Trick
    2R Spike Mummy: Assault Shift Assault Trick Defend Shift
    3F Skeleton Warrior: Defend Trick Mirage Shift Typhoon

    Some of the most common old school builds that have existed for ages are Demihuman/Undead builds. Sufficient for taking down low level towers. These builds are slow due to low Speed increase for Goblin Archers and Ghosts, better used for defense in the long run.

    2. Plain Jane Trickist
    3L Giant Bat: Rapid Trick Assault Trick Assault Shift
    1R Guytrash: Ill Storm Mind Shift Defend Trick
    2F Vampire Bat: Quick Shift Assault Shift Typhoon

    A fast Beast Trickist Build which will ensure that your unit will always cast last. The use of various Shifts and Tricks ensures that your units are boosted while your enemy stats are negated/reduced. This is considered a pusher build as only 1 unit is actively attacking, you may attempt to minimize losses during combat by training 300, 300, 9999 units. It can alternatively be used to siege lands/forts down quickly due to its high Speed and Siege stats. A definite must have for any player.

    3. First Strike Negating Build
    3L Giant Bat: Rapid Trick Speed Spirit Assault Trick
    1R Guytrash: Ill Storm Mind Shift Defend Trick
    2F Vampire Bat: Quick Shift Assault Shift Typhoon

    Adapted from Plain Jane Trickist. Since Rapid Trick now negates Speed increase/Pre-emptive strike as long as it casts last, a Speed Spirit ensures that your Giant bat will always cast last by being the fastest. Rapid Shift/Quick Shift permanently negated, perfect!

    4. Well Balanced Shooter
    2L Ghost: Dark Reel Drunken Roar Mirage Shift
    3R Ghost: Dark Reel Assault Trick Defend Trick
    1F Ghost: Dark Reel Mind Shift Assault Shift

    3L Sylph: Tail Wind, Assault Shift, Assault Trick
    1R Siren: Mind Shift, Assault Shift, Defend Trick
    2F Storm Rider: Typhoon, Assault Trick, Mind Trick

    This build allows all three units to attack and also have a possibility to cast spells. A very well balanced unit. Very useful for defensive purposes, the only drawback is its low speed and moderate Stat increases for Ghost units. It becomes more reliable at end game.

    The alternative build was contributed by Tyler Durden of this forum, it features a more expensive but significantly more powerful build with almost no drawback. All builds in version C should work towards this.

    5. Scutum/Aegis Build
    1L Mermaid: Assault Trick Mind Shift Aegis
    2R Wind Blade: Rapid Trick Round Bloom Scutum
    3F Storm Rider: Typhoon Assault Shift Defend Trick

    Many newbies also enquire about builds which suffer very minimal losses, this is one of them. *Hint: Although Scutum and Aegis only requires 50 int for up to 6 million damage reduction, you will still need a large Int or Attack boost to deal sufficient damage when casting Dark Reel/Typhoon.

    Scutum/Aegis builds were designed to reduce damage to only 1. It is however often a hit or miss meaning that if Scutum/Aegis was not casted in that turn, be prepared to take heavy losses. A first move initiative is a must to ensure units get protected at the start or the more expensive alternative is to use Mirage Shift. Users will find Scutum/Aegis more useful for fighting against high level lands as Assault Trick and Defend Shift cannot reduce damage effectively at higher level lands.

    **Important Note: This build was so popular that players abused it by sending out 100 100 100 mobs to attack others with minimal losses. As such Sega tweaked it on 06/03/12 which req'd the player to have equal or more units then the enemy before Scutum can reduce damage to 1. Otherwise, you would still take significant damage.

    6. Poison Unit
    1L Ariel: Rapid Shift Mind Shift Aegis
    2R Wind Blade: Rapid Trick Scutum Aegis
    3F Hydra Larva: Poison Field Provoke Assault Trick

    3L Hydra: Venom Haze Defend Shift Aegis
    2R Hydra Larva: Toxic Breathe Scutum Assault Trick
    1F Wyrm: Provoke Mind Shift Poison Field

    May be hard to win fights due to poison requiring a long time to work its way through large numbers of PVE monsters but it does provide a solution in PVP to damage enemies who resort defensive skills like Scutum/Aegis/Gale Armor/Confuse/Mirage spells. DO NOT SYNTH MIRAGE ON THIS BUILD AS IT INTERFERES WITH POISON EFFECT.

    7. High Speed Siege Unit
    3L Iron Golem Aegis Mirage Mind Shift
    1R Cyclops Smash Assault Shift Defend Trick
    2F Cyclops Smash Mind Trick Assault Trick

    Very often players have difficulty sieging down enemy controlled lvl 6 lands. This build is designed to take down sticky lvl 6 lands in 1 attack. This unit lacks first strike capabilities normally req'd for PVP, however, it is very likely to be able to absorb any attacks due to the use of Defend Shift/Assault Trick/Mind Trick combo. I highly recommend this Build as a support team. Since Sega increased the drop rate of rare units, it is now possible to level your rare Iron Golems. Try to keep your Leader mob count low at 100.

    8. Cost 4+2.5 Build
    2L Goblin Archer: Rapid Shift Assault Trick Defend Shift
    1R Ghost: Dark Reel Mind Shift Defend Trick
    3F Goblin Fighter: Assault Trick Assault Shift Typhoon

    Cost 4+2.5 Builds are required for start game Tower grabbing. +2.5 cost is obtained by buying cost using CP. A Cost 4+2.5 Build is especially useful to take down level 3-4 Towers and acts as a bridge from Level 2 to Level 3 Towers (when a battle research lab has been built but library has not been built due to start game lack of resources). Basic units are required to form such a Build i.e. no Dragons or Demons as these units take up too much resources to research.

    9. PVP Build Double Assault Shift/Trickist
    3L Giant Bat: Rapid Trick Assault Trick Assault Shift
    1R Guytrash: Ill Storm Mind Shift Assault Trick
    2F Vampire Bat: Quick Shift Assault Shift Typhoon

    This build was adapted from (a)2. The purpose of using Beast units is because Beast units are fast and can cast last. Supposing enemies are using normal Assault Shifts and Tricks, by casting last TWICE you will first negate his Assault Shift and Trick, then increase your Attack and decrease his Attack respectively. Highly recommended for PVP purpose.

    10. Healing Build
    1L Orc Mage: Rapid Healing Mind Shift Round Bloom
    3R Guardian Lizardman: Defend Shift Rapid Healing Assault Trick
    2F Guardian Lizardman: Defend Shift Dark Reel Defend Trick

    Many players including myself have come to the sudden realization that normal PVE fights in Version C was causing heavy losses to our units based on mob count difference alone (read up game calculation mechanism). Also came the question of whether slow units would ever stand a chance in a PVP fight where traditionally first strike would rule the arena. The Healing Build will attempt to address the high attrition rate for tower clearing/training/PVP purposes.

    This is an interesting Build where the Orc Mage will act both as a healer and offensive spellcaster with healing taking priority, it should have all stats into Int and Speed and have a low mob count so that the game ends if it takes any damage. The Rear Guardian Lizardman doubles up as a healer. Put all stats into Int, Def and Speed for Guardian Lizardman and also train it up to have a 9999 mob count. Heavily fortified and healing, it should only die in the hands of a double Defend Trickist or double Mind Trickist.

    (b) Bomb Build
    Bomb Builds used to be highly popular because of the fact that you can use small number of mobs e.g. 300, 300, 300 to kill off large number of enemies. Mind Shift used to be able to stack allowing room for abuse. The counter skill Mind Trick is also harder to obtain than skills like Assault Trick. Bomb Builds are generally used to counter Normal Builds, a well synthed Wisdom Aura and Mind Shift is a must for any Bomb Build.

    Currently Bomb Builds are still available in Version C however they have been heavily nerfed as Mind Shift no longer stacks i.e. MS>>MS>>MS = Int increased by 1,000,000 pwnage. The only way you can increase Int significantly is to have a high level Wisdom Aura/Spirit unit casting a Mind Shift.

    For PVP bombs we normally try to go for first strike (Rapid Shift) and using low numbers to kill large numbers. A bomb is unreliable 75% of the time as such we must try to prolong its attacking opportunity as much as possible, at least long enough for Typhoon, Dark Reel or Round Bloom to go off. Skill normally used for bombs as follows:

    Rapid Shift - Ensure first strike.
    Rapid Trick - Negate enemy speed or first strike.
    Mirage Shift - Supposing first round fail to fire any spell, Mirage ensures you get another round to attempt casting again.
    Assault Trick - Ensure enemy does not use 100 strong units e.g. Skeleton Warrior to lucky KO you.

    1. Pure Bomb
    2L Mermaid: Wisdom Aura Mind Shift Round Bloom
    1R Ariel: Rapid Shift Mirage Shift Round Bloom
    3F Mermaid: Wisdom Aura Round Bloom Mirage

    This is a Pure Bomb Build which makes use of purely Int to achieve high damage when Round Bloom is casted. A Wisdom Aura or Wisdom Spirit is required to augment the Int that can be achieved from Mind Shifting. Mirage Shift helps your units to survive until second round to attempt casting Round Bloom again. You can send a 100 100 100 unit to attack an enemy, with some luck, you might take down a few thousand units. This build is highly unreliable and is meant to weaken enemies with high mob count. You have at most 2 rounds to take out an enemy, but your reward-risk ratio is very very high which makes this build extremely attractive. This build is meant to counter builds (a)3. Defensive wise, this is an ultimate build. Think, how many times can you spam a 100 100 100 unit to defend your fort? It can frustrate even the most patient attackers. The chance of casting is high due to 3 Round Bloom skills synthed on, however Round Bloom damage will be lower as it does not have any Assault Shift.

    2. Hybrid Bomb
    1L Mermaid: Wisdom Aura Mind Shift Assault Shift
    2R Ariel: Rapid Shift Mirage Shift Assault Trick
    3F Mummy: Blood Drain Typhoon Dark Reel

    This build was taken from one of my arch enemies whom I fought before. This is considered a pusher build as only 1 unit is actively attacking, however, it is good for minimizing losses as you are able to use e.g. 100, 100, 9999 mobs to clear tower with minimal losses. The build is considered hybrid because it makes use of an Assault Shift to help increase the damage done by Dark Reel/Typhoon. Nice well balanced fast Bomb. Useful for both PVE, PVP and tower hunting.

    3. Effective Hybrid Bomb
    1L Mermaid: Wisdom Aura Mind Shift Round Bloom
    3R Ariel: Rapid Shift Assault Trick Mirage Shift
    2F Storm Rider: Typhoon Assault Shift Dark Reel

    1L Siren: Mind Shift Round Bloom Wisdom Aura
    3R Ariel: Rapid Shift Assault Trick Mirage Shift
    2F Mermaid: Wisdom Aura Assault Shift Dark Reel

    An effective Bomb Build needs to have first strike, high Int and Attack and first strike negating Mirage Shift synthed on. This Build is very effective, having a large Mob Count would ensure your hit large damage numbers with your Round Bloom.

    4. Durable Bomb
    3L Mermaid: Wisdom Aura, Round Bloom, Defend Shift
    2R Ariel: Rapid Shift, Scutum, Defend Trick
    1F Mermaid: Wisdom Aura, Mind Shift, Dark Reel

    We need to be aware that most builds out there now utilize a balanced build which commonly consist of the 3 main Tricks: Assault Trick, Defend Trick and Mind Trick, pls refer to (a)3 alternative build for one of the best balanced builds around. How do we counter such a build assuming your Attack, Defense and Int have been negated? This is where the skill Scutum comes into play, Rapid Shift ensures you move first allowing Guard effects to be casted effectively reducing any further damage to 1. Even when Mind Tricked, Wisdom Aura allows your units to have suffciently high Int to carry out damaging spell attacks. Getting Assault Tricked does not matter since your Int bomb units do not depend on Attack stat. A Defend Shift was added into this build to give added protection in normal PVE fights/training.

    5. Harass Bomb
    3L Pendragon: Cataclysm Mirage Rapid Trick
    1R Hydra Larva: Toxic Breath Mirage Mirage Shift
    2F Chaos Dragon: Terror Field Drunken Roar Toxic Breath

    Alternative Low Cost Unit:
    1L Ice Dragon: Mirage Shift Mirage Dirty Fang
    3R Hydra: Venom Haze Mirage Rapid Trick
    2F Hydra: Venom Haze Mirage Quick Shift

    This Build is designed to harass using only 1 unit and is not meant to win but only to train, defend and reduce enemy mob count for PVP and Tower weakening. It can bypass the all time favorite skill Mirage Shift. Highly useful for any situation. Do take note of the high cost required.

    The Alternative Build only requires Mirage Shift, Rapid Trick and Quick Shift to be leveled up. All stats to put into Speed only.

    (c) Anti-Bomb Build
    Anti-bombs were designed to nullify/decrease enemy Int to a point where the Bombs (alternatively Scutum/Aegis Builds) become useless. Chaos Build can also cause enemies to direct their own spells against their allies.

    1. Fast Beast Single Mind Trickist
    3L Giant Bat: Rapid Trick Assault Trick Assault Shift
    1R Guytrash: Ill Storm Mind Shift Mind Trick
    2F Vampire Bat: Quick Shift Assault Shift Typhoon

    A very fast acting beast unit designed to cast mind trick last to negate int boost on fast enemy Int casters. This is a variation of the original Plain Jane Trickist Build.

    2. Fast Beast Double Mind Trickist
    2L Giant bat: Rapid Trick Assault Trick Mind Trick
    1R Guytrash: Ill Storm Mind Shift Mind Trick
    3F Vampire Bat: Quick Shift Assault Shift Typhoon

    For fighting the best of the best PVP players and also to counter Scutum/Aegis/Gale Armor builds which require high Int reduction to render the builds ineffective. This is a variation of the original Plain Jane Trickist Build.

    3. Slow Mind Trickist
    1L Zombie: Mind Trick Brain Panic
    3R Ice Dragon Mirage Shift
    2F Goblin Fighter: Assault Trick Typhoon Dark Reel

    Alternative more expensive build:
    1L Living Thorn: Brain Panic Mind Shift Mind Trick
    2R Living Thorn: Brain Panic Mirage Shift Assault Shift
    3F Goblin Fighter: Assault Trick Typhoon Dark Reel

    A forummer asked, since most bombs are usually faster then me, how can I assemble a counter bomb which is easy to form yet relatively reliable? This is it. Mirage Shift will block off the first strikes like Dark Reel or Typhoon, while your Goblin Fighter and Dragon chips away a few hundred enemy mobs. Only very low numbers are required to defend against the bombs.

    The alternative more expensive build makes use of active spells during the fight to continuously suppress enemy int rendering the bombs ineffective. However, I personally still believe (c)1 and (c)2 builds are more effective overall.

    4. Chaos Defuser
    1L Ariel: Rapid Shift Mind Shift Aegis
    2R Wind Blade: Rapid Trick Scutum Aegis
    3F Chaos dragon: Terror Field (Optional: Add Attack Aura, Typhoon)

    Completely confuses enemy mobs so that they cast random spells on each other hoping it will kill itself when buffed. Apparently, well abused by veteran players on level 9 lands where they get the special enemy mobs to umber scream themselves. Take note that one Mind Shift was added to negate any enemy Mind Trick during PVP. DO NOT SYNTH MIRAGE SHIFT OR MIRAGE ON THIS BUILD.

    5. Hysteric Holder
    1L Ghost: Dark Reel Mind Shift Assault Shift
    2R Ghost: Dark Reel Mirage Shift Quick Shift
    3F Lizardman: Hysteric Hold Typhoon Rapid Trick

    Hysteric Hold attempts to stun the front unit which is normally the most lethal and most well protected. By stunning that unit first, you have effectively negated his turn, prevented him from casting dark reel/typhoon on you and also removed his barrier/guard effects (Scutum, Aegis,Gale Armor, Mirage etc..). The front mob is now vulnerable to being killed easily. Highly effective against Pusher builds like Plain Jane Trickist which rely on first unit only for attack.

    (d) Misc/Super Rares
    Super Rares are generally good for long distance fighting due to their superior speed/int and unique skills. However users will find it hard to level their skills due to rarity/high price. Also for most SR skills there is a standby period which wastes a turn, the line of thought would be why wait one turn of standby if we could use roundbloom/dark reel/typhoon to finish off the enemy in the first turn? The sky is the limit for SR Builds, be imaginative e.g. double Mino Commander or Double Vampire Lord Builds, this really is up to you.

    1. Blacky's Build
    3F Chaos Dragon: Terror Field Poison Field Gale Armor
    2R Medusa: Gorgon Gaze Venomous Haze Speed Spirit
    1L Gold Gargoyle: Speed Spirit Mind Shift Roundbloom

    Borrowed this from Blacky as the title suggests, seeing this you would know how expensive it is to get to even a level 3 synth for all skills for such a monster. That was why I was a little hesistant to start section (d) in the first place. Trust me even if you have 10,000DP its not worth anything. Basically this build killed a level 9 land at 400 tiles away according to this forum. I have placed this build in to show forummers the elite top of synthing and also hope to instill some humbleness to newbies who have unsynthed super rares (OH I HAVE TWO SR DULLAHAN AND ONE SR SYLPH I WILL OWN THE GAME IN SEASON 2/3). Think again newb.

    2. SR Effective Pairing
    1F Chaos Dragon: Terror Field Mind Shift Typhoon
    2R Ariel: Rapid Shift Rapid Trick Scutum
    3L Dullahan: Soul Steal Assault Shift Aegis

    Since Sega has now increased the drop rate of Rares and Super Rares, it is now very possible to level up your unit skills. Do take note that you need to know which stat the skill is dependent on for high damage, e.g. Soul Steal is based on attack while Umber Scream is based on Int.

    3. Cost 7.0 SR Pairing
    1F Copper Gargoyle: Mind Shift, Dark Reel, Typhoon
    2R Ariel: Rapid Shift, Scutum, Aegis
    3L Crimson Gargoyle: Umber Scream, Assault Shift, Aegis

    4. Cost 8.0 Lord Nazgul Build (Modified)

    3F Crimson Hell Knight Grand Slam Attack Aura Defense Spirit
    1R Copper Gargoyle Mind Shift Scutum Wisdom Aura
    2L Copper Slayer Assault shift Mirage Wisdom Aura

    Modified and adapted from Lord Nazgul's Build. Quite a cheap, decent and straightforward Build, leave all Aura's and Spirit's at level 1 to save your money. This Build lacks first strike and is more suitable for PVE purpose. Recommendation by Lord Nazgul to add 4000 Attack 100 Int 120 Speed 1000 Defense.

    5. Medusa Build

    3F Medusa Gorgon Gaze Round Bloom Mirage
    2R Medusa Gorgon Gaze Mirage Assault Shift
    1L Goblin Lord Mirage Shift Mind Shift Assault Shift

    Medusa's are lethal, try fighting one and you will know why.

    6. Slow Effective SR Build

    2F Mino Commander Valiant Shift, Frigid Voice, Typhoon
    1R Siren Frigid Voice, Mind Shift, Gale Armor
    3L Muirdris Maelstrom, Rapid Trick, Assault Shift

    Minotaur Commander's Speed is slow and thus might fall prey to high Speed Double Trickist units. To counter this effect, Frigid Voice is req'd to stun hyper speed units from casting start-up skills. Once again a very expensive Build to create.

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    nice job

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    Quote Originally Posted by punkists View Post
    3. Expensive effective bomb
    L Siren Mind Shift Round Bloom Wisdom Aura
    R Living Thorn Scutum Quick Shift Mirage Shift
    F Mermaid Wisdom Aura Mind shift dark reel
    Expensive because it has synthed on round bloom and mirage shift which are extremely hard to synth on, however highly effective due to round bloom being a rare skill which has 5 range. Do not substitute Siren with a Goblin archer or Skeleton archer with round bloom because they have very lousy int and speed increases.
    nice job...
    but you don't need to resort to using siren. I'm using a C ranger and still wiping, despite less astronomical figures.

    Don't waste the DP to get a siren, C ranger will cost you at least 5 times less. All you need is to put wisdom aura and have the intel at 100, it's still magic. If not, get a C mermaid: wisdom aura, mind shift, roundbloom - at least 2 times cheaper than siren.

    If you're aiming for 10, you should synth a rapid shift too

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    Quote Originally Posted by laughing View Post
    nice job...
    but you don't need to resort to using siren. I'm using a C ranger and still wiping, despite less astronomical figures.

    Don't waste the DP to get a siren, C ranger will cost you at least 5 times less. All you need is to put wisdom aura and have the intel at 100, it's still magic. If not, get a C mermaid: wisdom aura, mind shift, roundbloom - at least 2 times cheaper than siren.

    If you're aiming for 10, you should synth a rapid shift too
    what level is your common ranger? i had one and stopped using it around level 28, int 30, speed 32. it levels up so slow, int and speed. it has round bloom, wisdom aura, mirage

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    It needs to get to lvl60+ to be effective. Have spd at 60 first then everything into int. My other skill is quick shift and combined with my other mobs, i still break 10k with lots to spare. Many of my bomb mobs only become effective at lvl40+, so some patience there. Use a trainer to up the levels fast.

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    well, i guess i'll pull it from the auction. had round, wisdom aura, mirage at lv7 for 3k

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    I actually have a lizard ranger too with aura round bloom, probably effective at high levels but I gave up leveling it, I will not suggest to noobs to use it unless they have a level pulling team. For the siren mermaid setup, I just thought I'd make it as expensive as possible :P, but yeah mermaid works as well

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    Quote Originally Posted by punkists View Post expensive as possible :P...
    lol, ok i add one more to the bling. Put a SR sylph in your bomb and it's undefeatable. And there are people using it.

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    How effective is Gale Armor level 3?
    " I am required to kill so I kill. That is enough. "

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