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    If you are a fan of the Shenmue series check out my fansite, which has been around for almost 10 years

    First set up as "Shenmue-Net" in February 2003 by a young group of avid Shenmue supporters. The site evolved at quite a fast rate and a small community formed on the forums. Then in September 2004 the site was hacked, everything was gone (apart from the forums). This story picked up again in July 2007, the site was rebuilt from the ground up solely by co-creator of the original Site (Me). Check out the site and come join us on the forums as we hope and pray for a Shenmue 3!

    -Pat Main Site Community Forums

    Shenmue-UK Facebook
    Shenmue-UK Twitter
    Shenmue-UK Myspace
    Shenmue-UK Youtube
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    Awesome site! Would you like to swap links? I run

    I'll email you as well because I don't know how often you check this =)


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