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Thread: Why the iPad 3 is so huge for Apple vs PC's

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    Lightbulb Why the iPad 3 is so huge for Apple vs PC's

    Why the new iPad is so huge for Apple.
    by Dan Frommer

    Maybe it didn't seem like it but the new iPad introduction was Apple's most important event of the year. Sure, the iPhone is still a bigger business for Apple and probably will be for a while, but the iPad, meanwhile, is a green field - a totally new market that Apple is building and defining. And so far it has it almost to itself. It's the future of Apple and potentially the future of the personal computer. That's a rare and tremendous opportunity.

    iPad vs PC's
    "We think that iPad is the poster child of the post-PC world" Apple CEO Tim Cook said today. Then he showed this chart, plotting Apple's December quarter iPad shipments against the shipments from the world's biggest PC makers. The iPad - not even two years old at the time - won. Pretty crazy, right?

    But that's Apple's giant unique opportunity here: To build something bigger than the PC industry ever was. Because the iPad is cheaper and more portable and more natural than any high-end PC ever was, even Apple's own Macs. And today's new iPad is by a wide margin the best iPad ever made. So it's Apple's strongest candidate to keep driving that post-PC vision.

    Full article with more details here:

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    Anyways, Skippy is right.

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    But what about the games?

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    It's not even the same market for comparison. Its catered to be used by soccer moms so more people enjoy using it for its performance and simplicity. However a low instruction dual core processor with a lack of freedom in the OS department turns me off. The panel they use is pretty cool though, very high resolution for its screen space.


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