View Poll Results: Do you want new songs added to either JSR HD or JSRF HD?

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Thread: Do you want new tracks added to either JSR HD or JSRF HD

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    Default Do you want new tracks added to either JSR HD or JSRF HD


    I was listening to this interview of, Sega brand manager, Ben Harbone when the interviewer brings up the question (check the 6:00 mark: about the possibility of adding new music tracks to the game to which Ben responded Sega was divided about doing that. I think he was just covering for the interviewer being kind of dork even mentioning that, and hinted towards "keeping the games pure" was the direction Sega wanted to go with these.

    So, anyways, I set up this poll so it can be very clear to Sega the way fans feel about adding new music to JSR HD (and the eventual future release of JSRF HD - believe!)
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