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Thread: Two simple things that could give a boost to the multiplayer

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    Default Two simple things that could give a boost to the multiplayer

    1. Characters from the campaign should become available in the multiplayer.
    2. The ability to create custom classes. (what team you're on should not determine which weapons your chosen class uses.)

    SEGA, please support this game. I personally feel this is the best 3rd person shooter since gears of war 1 and it would be a real bummer if this game drifted off in to obscurity without getting some sort of DLC.

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    i agree, they should have a dlc pack with the characters skins from the main game, as well as the yakuza characters skins that were released in japan.

    i agree, this game is easily as good as gears. just needs more maps, for character skins, and more people playing.
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    That would be great, but sadly on 360 no-one seems to be playing it which is criminal as this is surely one of the gems of 2012.

    Hopefully Sega will try and support this as it deserves to be hugely successful.


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