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Thread: Dreamcast flickering problem

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    Default Dreamcast flickering problem

    Yea i know, this console is super old. I got it at a garage sale for 5 bucks so yea... Anyways, when i have my dreamcast plugged up to my TV it will constantly flicker on the home screen and in games. It kind of looks like the textures are messing up. I have replaced the AV component cable with a new one and cleaned the inside of the AV out. I swapped TV's to see if that was the problem and it wasn't. I opened it up to see if maybe something inside had been messed up and as far as i can tell everything looks great. I have searched everywhere and everything on google and i haven't found anything about this. Thanks for taking the time to read this.

    I am willing to take pictures and possibly videos of the problems if i need too.

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    Check for bad capacitors with multimeter

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    Pictures and/or videos would be helpful in a problem like this. Post some if you could.

    And as F.C SEGA said, it could very well be a capacitor/power supply problem.

    Here's a set of 3 capacitors. The one in the middle has a flat-top, indicating that it may be OK. The 2 caps beside it, however, are either bulging or blown. Bad or blown capacitors can cause strange symptoms with electronics of any kind. Keep in mind that although caps can look okay externally, internally they may be suffering from a problem.

    If you notice any caps that are bulging even slightly or are blown, try replacing them. If you're not experienced with a repair like this try getting a friend or a relative to help you.

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    why do you need to know that?


    that happens to my dreamcast when i play it on a hd tv, newer tvs cannot handle the extreme awesomness that is the dreamcast. but it probly is what the other people are saying, bad capacitor and all that good stuff
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