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Thread: Ultimate GAM mission

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    Default Ultimate GAM mission

    • Requirements: Level 180/1-6 players
    • Conditions: Players will be 180/NO SUV or nanoblast/no other restrictions
    • Battlefield: Bladed Legacy Magashi room

    Room will be filled with 6 enemies all at 190:
    1. Alfort Tylor
    2. Fulyen Curtz
    3. Renvolt Magashi
    4. Liina Sakuya
    5. Karl F Howzer
    6. Lucaim Nav

    No scapes/death allowed.
    Dead people will be sent to a waiting room.
    • Scoring/rewards:

    C - 4-5 deaths, 2 boxes containing BT fragments
    B - 2-3 deaths, +3 boxes containing weapons
    A - 1 death, +2 boxes containing above 2 + event drops
    S - No death, +2 boxes containing all of above + level 50 pa disks
    • Secret Action 1: Kill enemies in a certain order

    Unlocks a boss battle with a level 190 Magas Magahna with 6 fully buffed Jarbas (respawnable). Clearing will unlock 3 boxes that contain previous rewards + rare nontradeable mats (dragon scales, iritista, etc).
    • Secret Action 2: Kill at least 10 Jarbas before Magas dies

    Returns you to previous room to fight against level 199 Ethan Waber + level 190 Vol Brothers. Clearing will unlock 4 boxes that contain previous rewards + pa boost weapons. Boxes should be updated whenever a new one comes out.

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    Way to easy make no pa disk, and make it harder or make it low drops for the materials.
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