So, one day.. Sonic was running around. Eggman was on the loose again. Sonic said "Enough with this." Sonic went to his house and grabbed a baseball bat, and ran to eggmans house. Sonic kicked in the door and started running around and breaking things. Eggman said "DAMMIT SONICK LET THIS BE OUR FINAL BATTLE" Sonic said. "One of us will surely die." Sonic kicked eggman to the ground and started repeatedly smacking him in the face with the baseball bat. His glasses were broken and the glass fell into his eyes. Eggman's face was bruised, bloody, and broken. Sonic felt no emotion. Sonic tossed Eggman down the basement stairs and kicked him in the stomach about 4,000 times. Of course, the kicking only took about two seconds since Sonic can run very fast. Eggman started to vomit on the ground. He was hurt, confused. Asking Sonic "Why?" Sonic responded, "A blue hedgehog can only take so much." Sonic then jumped on Eggman's face, and grabbed onto the staircase's railing. Sonic ran in place until eggman's head grinded into nothing. Sonic's shoes were red for two reasons tonight. Sonic left Eggman's house a different hedgehog that night. He realized that after the years passed by, he had no reason to exist. Nobody to save, no conflict. Sonic had taken away the meaning in his life, and those around him as well. He was crippled by guilt, and decided to end it there. Sonic walked into another person walking down the street. His rings were pouring out. He walked into him again. This was game over for the blue blur.