So, Sega... There are wild rumours flying around that Skies of Arcadia might be one of the next games for digital download. That would be amazing, amazing.

That said I noticed the BEST ports you'd done like Guardian Heroes, Sonic CD, Daytona USA etc had some really nice new features and I was hoping to suggest a couple that would really go down well for Skies.

The first and most important imo is adressing the random battle encounter rate, even in the GameCube version where it had been toned down it was too damn high! I would like to suggest an option before the player begins the game were we can actually choose the encounter rate of random battles from 'often', 'common', 'uncommon' and 'rare'. That would solve the games bigggest problem for me!

What would be brilliant is a 'free play' mode where there are no random battles at all and the game simply levels you up to the level you need to be via check points so that you can simply breeze though the game not having to worry about random encounters... That would be great for when I really want to give the game another play through but cannot be bothered with random battles.

This aspect of the game is not explained well enough from what I remember, It was never made clear in the game how changing the colour of the weapon worked against enemy types but most annoying of all is that the only indication of what type the enemy was, was a very thin boarder around the enemy portrait, this NEEDS to be made more clear some how. (Unless I've missed something.) Becuase the amount of times I had to go closer to the screen to see what kind of element the enemy was got very annoying. It should be far more obvious! Like a large boarder or a symbol of some kind by its name.

The game cube version had more content, some DLC yes but also the new side quest with that woman.(Forget her name) So that content would be great but the Gamecube version also had really poor music compared to the Dreamcast version, it just didn't sound as good. If this could be fixed that would be great! Best of both worlds please!