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Thread: Sega Vs. Capcom: The RP

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    Default Sega Vs. Capcom: The RP

    Story: When a mysterious object is found in the middle of the streets of a populated city, researchers decide to get the object and search for it's contents.
    Realizing it reacts when to fighters enter in conflict and also has the power to realize wishes to whoever possess the object, the researchers decides to seal the box in one of their bases located in the Antarctic, due to it's power as they fear that the object might fell to wrong hands.
    However, this makes the things look more interesting to people causing them to head to the Antarctic in search for it

    No flamming or trolling
    No overpowered attacks or godmodding
    To fight against opponents you must have a tag team similar to Street Fighter X Tekken (2 on 2), you are allowed to make tag teams between two characters from different franchises (as long as they belong to the same company), but they must have similar characterists and same alignement (Good, Evil, Neutral)
    Maximum number of Tag Teams: 2 (Which means 4 people)


    Jill Valentine (Resident Evil Revelations attire) and Frank West- Hyperalexkidd10

    Shadow and Metal Sonic - Hyperalexkidd10
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    Character Bios:

    Jill Vallentine and Frank West

    After the disappearance of her companion Chris Redfield, Jill is trying to search for facts of his localization, she then discovers Chris is in the antarctic guarding the base of where the box is, Jill decides that she must go to the antarctic, however she realizes that she must not go alone as many people around the globe and crime organizations such as Umbrella and Shadaloo are going after the object in the antarctic.
    Jill then manages to find someone of her likeness on the news

    "Photographer saves people in Williamette incident...Hmm..."

    Frank West, a photographer, known for his heroic acts during the crisis at Williamette is invited by Jill to go to the Antarctic.

    "You know this seems like something fair, you give me the opportunity to see this object and I help you find your boyfriend...I accept" Frank says

    "Good, remember this mission could be dangerous, I suggest for you not to go all heroic" Jill says

    "You're kidding right?" Frank says


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