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Thread: Yakuza Fansite Like a Dragon

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    Default Yakuza Fansite Like a Dragon

    As far as I know there isnt a fansite for the Yakuza series. As it stands I've just made a forum for two reasons.

    1. I've no experiance building a website.
    2. I don't want to buy a domain and try building a website only for it to go unnoticed.

    Right now I wish to build a community of Yakuza fans and plan to make it a community effort in building a huge fansite in similar vain to things like the Shenmue Dojo.

    I've posted more of my plans in the 'This Website' thread please take a look.

    Please join the forums and spread the word.
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    Okay, being an experienced webmaster, here's a tip: you won't get 'big' unless you invest some money into the site by yes, buying a domain name and real webhosting. Making a freebie forum on proboards won't get you much recognition at all and no one will take you seriously. I have yet to see a free forum like proboards get anywhere near a reputable size, fansite or not. If you're serious about running a fansite for Yakuza, you should at the very least buy a domain name and mask it if you insist on using a free forum provider. 90% of them today offer an option to get a real domain name for your forum. Not sure if Proboards does or not.


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