Sonic: Come on Tails! We're almost there!

Tails: I'm coming! *gets 2 Chili Dogs*

Sonic: Whoa! *bumps on the wall*

Sonic: What is that?

(Tails finally comes giving the 2nd Chili Dog to Sonic)

Tails: Is that a barrel?

Sonic: I thinks so. *jumps on barrel* It's won't move! How are we going to end this Zone?

Tails: I don't know!

(Experiments with objects within the Zone and check his computer while trying)

Sonic: Come on it's 9:46!

(Finds a manual to get pass the barrel, Sonic reads: To get across the barrel, go Up and Down.)

Sonic: What? All I have to do is go Up and Down? Up and Down...What the hec-