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Thread: MLBMO features/additions discussion

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    Default MLBMO features/additions discussion

    The achievement system is already a proven success in multiple games and consoles. Why not bring this to MLBMO? The team data screen and player album does a good enough job in showing our friends and rivals what your team has done, but another layer could add depth and fulfillment to teams from every class. A superficial layer could be added to the game in the form of a displayable trophy/achievement system that goes beyond what is already offered on the Team Data screen. Everyone wants a reason to boast about their team, and titles/achievements are an excellent vehicle to offer those bragging rights. I want to know how many players Luckyfit or GOGOGO have scouted in their MLBMO careers, or how many training cards have been purchased/applied. Recently completed achievements could be displayed when viewing someones team data screen.
    The achievements could be laid out in a way that helps new players direct the development of their team, more so than the current daily missions provide which sometimes do not apply to newer teams or are nearly unobtainable which can make some things in this game appear unobtainable to newer managers.(Not talking about bonus missions. I haven't really noticed daily missions that I cant complete on my major team as of late, maybe it was changed?) This would allow players from Rookie to Major to accomplish short-term and long-term goals to earn points from very easy achievements that cater to Rookie-AA and struggling AAA-Major teams. The extra influx of points and possibly training cards/support/resets could help bridge the gap for many struggling or borderline AAA-Major or Major-Super Major teams. It could also create a point sink for the higher end teams who wish to get a rare support card or ticket for completing a very difficult achievement.
    More difficult achievements would be ones that require a lot of time, resources and/or luck to complete and should be rewarded accordingly. I have laid out a basic outline to give you an idea of what is possible.

    (Tier 1 Achievements) 500-10000 point rewards, training card packs, support card packs depending on the achievement. The achievements would be the easier to complete achievements listed below. Some take more time than others obviously.
    (Tier 2 Achievements) 10000-50000 point rewards, higher end training/support card packs, arcade tickets. This is when it will start to get difficult but not impossible to achieve. A lot of time/resources will be required to start finishing the 500/1000 scouting achievements especially for newer teams. Completing parts of the player album should be included here.
    (Tier 3 Achievements) 50000+ point rewards, High end level 3 team support cards, Special training cards. These achievements should take many cycles and a lot of luck/effort/SC to finish. Completing the entire player album once or even multiple times. Scouting all players of a certain cost, 100% hometown finishes, insane amounts of big success trains. Shouldn't be hard to brainstorm achievements for dedicated players.

    -Win Streak achievements
    -Individual player achievements
    -Have an entire lineup/rotation and bullpen of fully trained players
    -Great trains for all slots for 1/3/6/9 Players in your lineup
    -Same as above for rotation
    -Same as above for bullpen
    -Support/Boost/etc... Ticket achievements
    -Finish AL/NL Division/League albums and completing MLB
    -Scout 25/50/75/100/250/500/1000 unique players (Would probably want to integrate the player album into the achievement system)
    -Scout 25/50/75/100/a crap ton of total players (Not unique scouts, total individual scouts from any source)
    -Scout 5/10/25/50 unique players of X cost (could even have an achieve to have them on your active roster)
    -Use 5/10/25/50/100 Total Training cards
    -Use 5/10/25/50/100 Fielding/Hitting/Fastball/Breakball specific cards
    -Use X/X/X total Support Cards
    -Use X/X/X Condition/Analysis/Ability/Training support cards
    -Get X/X/X Season championships
    -Get X/X/X top 8 finishes/final appearances/championships
    -Buy SC (not everyone would want this displayed, heheh)
    -Buy X/X/X amount of SC for everyone but speedy(Jk buddy)
    -Gather X/X/X Amount of total points (example, 10 million total points spent gives you arcade tickets or points even)

    I would leave you sega folk to come up with witty and clever names for the achievements.

    I think you are starting to get the idea of what can be included in an achievement system, these achievements could be applied to any team. Just make the number higher! 10,000 scouts isn't unreasonable if you are a successful team over a long period, we should be rewarded for that! I realize from a development/programming perspective that it may not be possible or even wise to retroactively apply these achievements, it is just an idea that I thought I would share with the community. Anyone else have ideas or features they would like included in MLBMO?

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    Also, I don't think I am the only one that wants to be able to customize our ballpark.

    (Edit: May want to move this to the suggestion thread already stickied.)
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    wow tony, you kept me occupied for a whole 5 minutes. longest post i've ever seen on forums

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    That is considered long?
    Try this for length:
    I did it with the old database, but the ideas are fundementally sound, and it can help A LOT. Enjoy.
    Read the original thread starter.

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    stras that was incredible!

    Read my reply to that post


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