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Thread: About Aliens vs. Predator 3 The Game Very Important!

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    Default About Aliens vs. Predator 3 The Game Very Important!

    Hello Everyone!
    I would like to say that I am a new member of SEGA Community and I made this account to talk with you about this great game that has some bad or wrong implemented ideas.

    I am a huge fan of the entire history of Aliens and Predators so I buyed the game almost a week ago and I played it since then.
    This game has a good graphics, and the effects and sounds are great but in every game I enter:
    - Deathmatch
    - TM Deathmatch
    - Species DM
    etc . . .
    I see plenty of ill-conceived ideas and thise are:

    1. I will talk about the Predator:
    It seems that he has weak resistance against thise types of attacks like melee attacks and bullets.
    During the game a Predator can be killed by a human in 1 second, one bullet to the head and he is dead.
    Ok I agree with this idea: that aiming for theire head is a faster method to kill them, but they have theire masks on right? This object on theire head does not matter at all? isn't this a type of protection against melee or ranged attacks? In the Movies a Predator can kill a lot of humans because they didn't had the radar.
    Yes that is correct but, with this radar implemented, now the humans are overpower, as a Predator you can't make a move without them noticing, and besides that, the human weapons are to strong, thise weapons deal to much damage, against a Predator that has a chest armor, shoulders armor, a mask on, and the physical force that Predator has.
    What I sugest about Predator is this:
    First: Predator needs a greater resistance against thise typse of attacks like (bullets or melee).

    Second: Predator's "Light Attack" or "Left Click", must attack faster and must deal more damage, I can strike someone with a Light Attack once per 1,5 seconds. So that means if a human shoots at a Predator he will be killed, haveing nothing to defend against that, because if a human uses his "ALT Attack", the Predator will automatically fall on the ground becoming an easy target to kill. A Predator can't fall that easy.
    This Light Attack does not make the correct damge, if i attack a human I must take him half of his HP, because a Predator's claw is very deadly. So I should strike a human two times in order to kill him instead of 5 times.
    And about the "Strong Attack", "Right Click", is well made I have nothing to say but one small thing, if a Predator uses his Strong Attack against any enemy that have theire guard down when the Strong Attack makes the impact, then the target should be dead. If they have theire guard on then they will take will lose only half HP.

    Third: The "Stealth Kill Attack" or "Pressing E when you are behind your enemy", is a good way to kill yourself togeder with your enemy.
    When you are useing "E", the Predator will automatically kill the target, giveing the enemy no chance to fight back.
    This is a good "ability" I could say, but it has a very slow animation during this.
    When you press "E", the Predator needs like 8 counted seconds to kill the target, why is this time so long?
    This shouldn't take more then 3 seconds after pressing "E".
    Is nothing overpower in this, because human have theire radar and aliens have theire sense so it is hard already to sneak behind an enemy to use "E".

    Fourth: The Predator's Disk, well I saw that meany Predators use this weapon, because it is easy to kill someone, because the disk is wrong created.
    You can throw the disk easly but why this disk must fly whereever Predator puts his laser target?
    This is a bad mistake. A throwing disk can fly only in the throwed direction, and then to come back in Predator's Hand, after a short flying duration.

    Fifth: The Shoulder Cannon.
    A human or an alien can't be killed by a direct hit from this weapon.
    They are killed only if you hold the "ALT" buton a little longer.
    This Should Cannon must not have this type of use, a Plasma Bullet remains the same it doesn't matter if you charge the weapon a little longer to deal more damage.
    You should use this weapon like in the movie, what i mean is you don't have to hold the ALT button a little longer to deal more damage, you should just shoot a normal Plasma Bullet and if you aimed correctly an enemy and he takes the Plasma Bullet as a direct hit, he then must die.
    You would say that this will be overpower, well it woun't be, because the Plasma Bullet will be shooted only where you targeted, so if the enemy moves from that place, before that bullet hit the ground or the supposed target, then is a "miss".

    2. I will talk now about the Alien:
    The Alien Race is well made but they have same problem with the "Stealth Kill Animation" as with the Predator.
    The Stealth Kill animation or "E", the killing time last to much. This time should be decreased.

    One thing I like to say here, the tail attack or Right Click, when an alien uses his tail to strike an enemy from behind this attack should be an instant kill upon the target.
    Alien have the correct life and resistance.

    3. Humans, or our race:

    The Human Weapons: I don't know the exact amount of damage recived from a human weapon bullet in this game but this should be the correct damage for a Human Weapon from now on!
    A "M42C Scoper Rifle" Bullet should kill an Alien, Human or Predator instantly if the bullet strikes theire heads.
    This weapon has the fire power more powerful then a normal weapon (VP78 Pistol, M41A/2 Pulse Rifle,The Flame Thrower, Smartgun or ZX-76 Shotgun), which means that evan if a Predator wears a mask, the bullet will still kill him instantly, only if the bullet strikes the head.

    Weapons Aiming Body Points:

    - (A Head Shot Deals 45% Damage from Alien total Health) - (M42C Scoper Rifle deals 100% Damage = instant kill)
    - (1 Bullet to Chest Deals 30% Damage from Alien total Health)
    - (1 Bullet to Hands or Legs Deals 15% Damage from Alien total Health)

    Because Predator has a mask on, he will take damage only from M42C Scoper Rifle bullets. 1 Bullet = instant kill)
    Predator has a chest armor so you can aim only for the lower body (the belly in front and his back), in order to deal damage. (1 Bullet Deals 25% Damage from Predator total Health)
    Aiming for Hands or Legs: 1 Bullet deals 10% damage from Predator total Health.

    The almost entire human body from this game has a protection suit, that protects the almost entire body, but not the head or the back, so the weak points are:
    1 Bullet to head = instant kill.
    1 Bullet to back deals 30% damage from Human total Health.

    The "ALT" attack deals 10% damage to Predator and 20% Damage to Alien.
    But the Predator will only take damage and a small knockback but will not fall on the ground from that hit.

    Two ideas that could be useful during the game:
    1. All races should have Life Regeneration not only the Alien. A small amount of life regeneration.
    2. All races should have a dodge skill like (if I press very fast two times the "A" button or "D" button the Character "Predator", "Alien", or "Human" should jump a short distance in the direction I pressed. This will allow the Character to become harder to hit, and will make the game more dynamic.

    This is it guys hope you like my ideas and if something is bad or misunderstood please let me know.
    I would love to hear your ideas as well.
    Thank You for Understanding!

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    Most of your points are "fluff over crunch" (you're prioritizing your views on design and background over game mechanics and balance), which will do only in purely singleplayer game, while AvP3 is definitely anything but singleplayer. But ok, ignoring that, game's balance is finally pretty nice and I don't see reason for such a dramatic rehashing since you're trying to change like every aspect of the game

    One thing that needs attention badly IMO is flamer, it's too deep into "cool but impractical" territory.

    But reality is that AvP3 won't probably see support anymore (od did I miss something?) it seems, so maybe something like this will see some light in some sort of mod (which will be pretty hard), but that's about it.
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