Hi guys,

I've been on a few now, but most of the ones I visit seem to be quite old and aren't accepting new members like Children of the Nile...are there any good ones I could go on to?
I'm a gamer but I'm also doing my dissertation on video games and ancient Egypt, but need a bit of help from fellow gamers! I just want to connect more with people who also like these games e.g. Age of Mythology, Pharaoh, Civilisation and maybe see if anyone wants to comment about them at all - anything at all is much appreciated - like whether anyone found they got more interested in archaeology/ancient Egypt from the games, the graphics and accuracy etc. I've also done a questionnaire which I've been distributing (this is all really new research which is quite exciting, so anyone who takes part will really count!) and of course, can let everyone know the outcome
http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/YXPM3YQ. So yeah, any help and recommendations on sites etc will be awesome!