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Thread: PSU :/

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    UPPA, Bro. The rest sux :P
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    Quote Originally Posted by landmaster05 View Post
    I been playing this game for a while now and i can't find anyone nice on this game i been Backstabbed a lot
    plus the funny thing is i has no friends on this game haha all i want is to meet a group of nice ppl to hang out with and do runs with but no to much jerks on psu now so i give up if ya see me say hi my Characters name landmaster05
    I'm the same way. I started the game with a real good group of guys but they all quit. Now i just solo mostly but i would be up for doing some runs if i can ever get logged back on lol.

    O and i'm not overly greedy, i don't have an uber pallet and iv'e never really played the game to make money. I am one of the few people thats likes to run missions with friends who are looking for something they want to use ^^
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