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Thread: Post your favourite Genesis/Megadrive games!

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    Talking Post your favourite Genesis/Megadrive games!

    I've been recently revisiting Megadrive through emulators (I still have the console, but I don't want to install it in my flat). I'd like to gather the favourite games from as many users as possible, just to know if there's any game I don't know about and I should. I'd actually like to see a top-25 and one (just one) "hidden treasure" (you know, that game that wasn't a massive success like Sonic or Street Fighter, but was good enough to be it)

    Here I go:

    My top-10.

    1.- Sonic 3 + Sonic & Knuckles
    The perfect Sonic 2D game, taking the best from Sonic 1 and 2, and adding stuff to everything: more bonus stages, more characters, more chaos emeralds, more transformations, more kinds of shields, more music (2 different mixes for each act), more cinematics... To me, it's the best Sonic game ever.

    2.- Dynamite Headdy
    Not sure out of Spain, but here, this game was almost unknown. And it was very unfair, as for me this is one of the best games Genesis had. Original to say the least, it had an insane amount of levels, enemies, types of stages, weapons (different type of heads), music... I try to picture all the work this game had and it's just overwhelming. Headdy had everything to be an international icon with this game, but something didn't work, and I still don't know what.

    3.- Rocket Knight Adventures
    My first Genesis game (not counting Sonic The Hedgehog, which was included with the console), an unforgettable mix of action, platforming, really great music, very cool boss battles... Another great game that was a success, not as Dynamite Headdy. However, the sequel (Sparkster) wasn't that good for me. And I won't talk about the crappy new game that was released recently (shame on you, Konami). This is probably the only reason I'm not really bothered about Dynamite Headdy not being a huge success, since they could have done a poor sequel.

    4.- Comix Zone
    I love unique games, and this one was it. Grunge music (I recently heard the soundtrack again, it was so cool!), comics and videogames, all together? Yes! This very original game's only fault was that it was very short. Once you knew a few tricks about fighting, everything was much easier. You could finish the game in less than an hour. I never expected a sequel to this game, but it would be cool with today's HD graphics.

    5.- Ristar
    When I saw the first preview of this game, I wanted it so badly, but I couldn't buy it because when I had the money, there was always some other game I was more looking forward for playing (I remember, at least, Sonic 3, Sonic & Knuckles, Super Street Fighter, and Sonic 3D; but looking back now, I'd rather have bought Ristar over Sonic 3D at least), so when I could finally play it through an emulator, I fell in love with the game and the character.

    Anyway, I think this was probably the most promising Sega character after Sonic (actually, it's an evolution of Sonic's first design and gameplay). Like Sega's "Kirby", or "Donkey Kong" (you know, a charismatic character but not the company's main flagship). It could have perfectly been another Sega flagship, but, probably due to the game being released near the end of Genesis, it wasn't successful enough to Sega's eyes. I really hope someday a sequel is made.

    6.- Soleil
    Genesis didn't have Zelda, but had this game. And heck, it was just as good! It's a shame this game didn't have a sequel either. I never knew if it was successful, but I know it was just f***ing great.

    (No comments from here. I loved the following games but not with the same passion)

    7.- Super Street Fighter 2
    8.- FIFA 95
    9.- Gunstar Heroes
    10. Tiny Toons Adventures
    11.- Alien Soldier
    12.- Sonic 2
    13.- Mega Bomberman
    14.- NBA Jam
    15.- Earthworm Jim
    16.- Streets Of Rage 2
    17.- Golden Axe 3
    18.- Chiki Chiki Boys
    19.- Shinobi 3
    20.- Virtua Racing
    21.- Aladdin
    22.- The Lion King
    23.- Mickey Mania
    24.- Ecco The Dolphin
    25.- Flashback

    Hidden treasure: it's funny 'cause it's a Treasure game: Dynamite Headdy. I already commented it in my top 10.

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    Well, in no particular order:

    -Sonic the Hedgehog
    -Sonic the Hedgehog 2/Knuckles in Sonic 2
    -Sonic the Hedgehog 3/Sonic & Knuckles/Sonic 3 & Knuckles
    -Michael Jackson's Moonwalker
    -Sonic CD*

    I've never owned a SEGA Genesis, but I have Sonic Mega Collection Plus which has most of the games I listed. Moonwalker I played at a friend's house and Sonic CD was the first video game I ever played (I was 3) and I learned more about it over the years. The 2011 re-release is just amazing.

    *I'm counting this for multiple reasons. A) It was pretty much the only Sonic SEGA CD game. B) Didn't you have to attach the SEGA CD to the Genesis in order to play it? C) It's just awesome.

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    -Sonic 1/2/3&k
    -Streets of Rage 2
    Ecco and Comix Zone was alright
    I was mostly a Snes kid


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