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Thread: Day in the Life: Throwing a No Hitter

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    Default Day in the Life: Throwing a No Hitter

    To celebrate Opening Day 2012 (screw you Japan and Wednesday Night Baseball, Opening Day is Thursday), I wanted to share with you guys a story written by our broadcaster. Last year, Rays phenom Matt Moore pitched a No-Hitter in AA, the first in the Southern League since Tommy Hanson did it for Mississippi in 2008. It being a special event and occurring at the AA level, there was a degree of access and availability that you normally don't see at the MLB level.

    Below is a link to the story that will appear in our 2012 programs. Hopefully it sheds some light on what goes on before, during, and after a no-hitter from the team's perspective:
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    Montgomery biscuits?!?

    so there is where you get your team name

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    Listen, this guy better be worth the hype. I drafted him ahead of Bumgarner and Ricky Romero in one of my 3 fantasy leagues
    9 season championships.
    I tell the truth.
    That's all that matters.
    Thank you.

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    I have 61 fantasy leagues lol
    Lets Go Phils


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