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Thread: Kickstart the pitched ToeJam & Earl game, Greg Johnson!

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    Default Kickstart the pitched ToeJam & Earl game, Greg Johnson!

    A couple of years back, right before the release of Sonic & SEGA All-Stars racing, old-school SEGA fans found out that 'ToeJam & Earl' wouldn't be making it in that game as playable characters due to rights issues with the property (SEGA thought they owned the IP, but Greg Johnson's HumaNature Studios actually owns it). We also found out that Greg Johnson pitched a new ToeJam & Earl game to several publishers, but none were interested.

    So instead of him pitching it to publishers, how about pitching it to the fans through Kickstarter? Shadowrun creator Jordan Weisman was successful with his Kickstarter campaign within only 28 hours. There are far more SEGA fans out in the wild than there are Shadowrun fans; be it through Sega-16,, Sonic Stadium, whathaveyou, so the odds of the campaign being successful is quite high. Plus, I'm sure HumaNature Studios isn't doing anything at the moment.

    So to those of you who have access to his contact information, tell him about it!

    Now if we could only get Chris Seavor to do a Kickstarter with Conker...

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    Hmm, how does a kickstarter work and is there anyway it can be used to get another gem back (ie remake of rocket knight adventures), I know that's not sega but if there's someway to get something more known (despite it's medicore comeback game) would it be worth a shot?, just curious?.

    As for toejam and earl I hope this gets the go ahead and gets a comeback soon (and hopefully streets of rage in the near future).
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