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Thread: I just realized something...

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    Default I just realized something...

    If Sega really does reboot the Sonic series as they say they are, then we can kiss this comic goodbye. It's already burdened down by the relics of an era long since past, and if the game series reboots everything and everyone, this comic will become completely obsolete. I mean, if Sega doesn't even consider such mainstays as Tails and Knuckles to be sacred, who's to say that they won't reevaluate the comic's existence too?

    In fact, this might mean that those rumors of the series ending at #250 aren't as unfounded as we thought.

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    You may very well be right....IF the rumor is true.
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    If the rumor was indeed true, then this comic will indeed end.
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    Nah, only the game characters will vanish in a freak accident involving Eggman while introducing a whole new bunch of characters for Archie to ignore in subsequent issues while they focus on their OTPs.
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