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Thread: How much are willing to pay for a game?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Theadvisor1234 View Post
    At the very most $100, but only if it's a special collector's edition with a load of fun stuff that comes with the game.
    Yeah, this. Really, anything that's more than a TI-84 isn't worth it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by E-25 View Post
    Considering WayForward said that they were pursuing a VC re-release for Shantae back in June, it seems that the original is sadly probably stuck on the GBC forever...
    Well, they're busy doing other projects at the moment. And they might even want to make it a "3D Classic" title instead.

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    40. i believe thats a fair price for such incomplete games this gen.

    also, i would NEVER pay that much for a new copy of any game. because the first thing i always do whenever i buy new is to open it and read the manual
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    How much are you willing to pay for a modern 5 cent coin?

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    Standard Edition: ~50.
    Used: ~40 but this is mostly for out of print/uncommon games.
    Limited Edition: ~100 if the swag feels worth it (like if NISA ever gets around to that Black Rock Shooter PSP)

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    Depends on the game. Most games don't seem worth full retail price ($50-$60) to me when I can just get a clone console or a special edition for the same price or lower. This was the case with DeathSmiles, Otomedius Excellent, my FC-16 Go, and my GenMobile from last year. Unfortunately there are a few really top notch retro games that have become difficult to find cheap (such as Mega Man X2 and Kirby Super Star), but you can find most of them complete in-box for a reasonable price.

    In some cases I'm beginning to find that less is more - a lot of the new and popular games don't seem to live up to the hype for me, but some of the cheaper, lower-profile titles have a lot of heart put into them that goes unacknowledged.
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