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Thread: Resident Evil 6 now coming out October 2nd

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nuckles87 View Post
    A month doesn't really amount to much when it comes to adding an hour to the campaign. If it's that long, it's gonna be that length either way.

    Yeah but it's kind of rare that such a killer app title would be moved up to an early release; oftentimes it takes a very long time to polish up a game of this magnitude. I'm hoping the early release isn't a sign that this game's able to jump up the calendar because there isn't a lot there to polish.

    I just have a feeling...I mean, Modern Warfare is certainly known for its short campaign.

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    Wesker Jr.? lol!
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    I'm a little disappointed that the blonde girl was actually sherry rather than ashley as it would explain what happened to her when her father turned. Overall though, we finally get back a character we haven't seen since 2. Also, I've been around the capcom unity about the rumor of the ada wong figure actually being a clone called Carla Radames...

    first Jake being Wesker's son, now this?
    I hope capcom knows what they're doing...wait...

    The trailer did look amazing btw
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