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Thread: DC Universe Online problem

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shinobi_Returns View Post
    the game is awful anyways. I played it for 6 hours and said this was one of the worst MMOs I've ever played.

    I'm sorry but when high level players can basically spawn camp you already tells me they don't care
    Sounds like you should have tried the pve server. Anyways, getting to level 30, with mad pvp gear and beating up noobs is part of the fun of this game. I have played lot's of mmo's and this is actually one of the better ones.

    Going legendary is good for initial level 30's but once you are geared enough, and have a good team it really doesn't matter, and being premium works just fine. I like the system because it means I don't have to pay a constant sub all the time in order to enjoy the game.

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    I find DC Universe to be alright and hop on every so often. I would never pay any of the extra fees, but if people find it that enjoyable I don't see why they shouldn't.

    If PvP isn't your thing they let you switch to PvE...It's kinda nice.

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