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Thread: Sega Developing New Console? Creating a Comeback!

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    Lightbulb Sega Developing New Console? Creating a Comeback!

    I was thinking for some reason that what would the gaming industry be like if Sega was still in the mix or if they made a comeback. So I looked on Google and found articles saying that Sega was planning on making a comeback to take on Sony, Nintendo, and Microsoft. I thought this would be cool it would be a legend coming out of retirement. Imagine if a Muhammid Ali came back ( I know he is dead and I probably spelled his name wrong) and faced the big bad boxers of today. It would be such a big comeback people would obviously come onto the bandwagon and the same with Sega. They would easily bring something new and fresh to the table and this would be the best time to strike. Nintendo gearing up for the Wii U which could possibly flop because the controller is another gimmick. Sony falling and claiming not to be coming out with a new console anytime soon. Also Microsoft still trying to cram the Kinect down peoples throats for its final year until the next system. Sega could easily steal the show at E3 with a new console release 2013 or 2014. They could easily make there own game for there console exclusive which means no more Yakuza exclusively for PlayStation which will be an instant Japanese system seller and of course Sonic comes along with other popular Sega games. Sega could easily take the generation away by storm like what Microsoft did. Now is this rumor true? If not SEGA should make it true because I can't be the only one wanting a Sega comeback. If I were Sega this would be my plan as well as me saying "We Are Legend, We Are Here, We Are Sega!"

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    No. It's been rumored many times & denied each.
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    Then their financial issues would be decided by a console release. I don't think it's a good idea unless they're very sure they have an idea that'll steal the show.
    Those rumours seem to be coming back each time though...

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    That's all they are. Rumors. It doesn't seem likely with Sega having lost about $86 million the last fiscal year.

    Also, Muhammad Ali is still alive.


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