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Thread: My wonderful adventures with this behemoth. (I think I made a review?)

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    Post My wonderful adventures with this behemoth. (I think I made a review?)

    So, in 2010 when this game came out, I got it, first day. (Along with my ez-furry Sonic hat thingy) Now, I HATED it. I'd had too much trouble with it and didn't like the 2D. But last week, I popped this sucker in, hooked up my Gamecube controller, and started playing. Around 3 days later, I beat it. I loved it. No clue why I made this post, so I guess I'll make it into some review type thing.

    So, gameplay-wise, it's Sonic Unleashed without steroids Sonic. However, they really amped up the 2D. But it's quite alright as they really did a great job with the platforming. My only issues with the controls is that drifting is a bit buttery at times and you might find yourself sliding across a bend more than you expected, or the drift doesn't work. My other problem is that the pink wisp is a rebellious teenager and controls oddly. Sometimes I press left and he continues to go right. Then I press right and it stops moving completely.

    Another issue is the random increases in difficulty. Mostly on Planet Wisp where after you finished 3 different planets you suddenly are given really small platforms. But all in all it's a good game.

    Anyway, I'm trying to get all the red rings. Is that hard? And I heard you can play as Sonic 2: the Emo in Gameland. Probably not. kbyelolz

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    Sweet, I'm the first to comment on this. Nice pic by the way.

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    Yes, getting all thee Red Rings is hard. I'd suggest a guide.
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    Yeah, do use a guide for the Red Star Rings, some are just impossible. & by pressing some buttons when selecting either Sonic or a Mii in Game Land you can change the color, so if by Sonic 2 - The Emo you meant the Debug Mode glitch, I believe green is an option
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