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Thread: Nerf startup skills?

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    i don't think there's a need to talk about modifying rules....add, not subtract as i said before

    With the ver c rules update, i basically lost 4 mains and 3 bombs (well I'm not crying over the bombs since i understand the intent behind it and I kind of agree). The 4 mains are still functional but not pvp worthy anymore, largely becasuse of the change of rule to rapid trick. Now I have only 1 main which is pvp worthy and lots of skilled mobs. Now, sega don't really want to do that again.

    It's easy enough to create new mobs, skills to create the balance. They just need to get creative in there, or gets LordNazgul, Raeth and a few others here to do it for them. It'll be harsh to change rules again, and not to the extent of changing shift/tricks, which has been super fundamental to most of the players
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    Season 3 bombs are now tick tick tick tick ... BOOM!!

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    Kingdom startup skill conquest! That should be the name of this game...

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