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Thread: For all the americans

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    Just played the demo of Binary Domain and have to say that I really enjoyed it! So much that I will be purchasing the game as soon as possible.

    I enjoyed Binary Domain's demo more than Vanquish's demo. I'll get the PS3 version of Binary Domain in hopes of some Yakuza skins like Japan got in the future.

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    I just picked this game up a week ago.. I havent played the multiplayer campaign (as I think too many games have multi online shoot em up so I usually stick with Halo, or Gears) but i can say the single player campaign is excellent. Even with the voice recognition being off sometimes, the single player adventure on this game is actually more exciting and creative than Gears of War 3. This is not just run, hide behind cover, shoot, etc... there are many different experiences in the game (dont want to spoil them) that occur that add a great deal of excitement to the gameplay.

    This game is not "Average" by any means.

    I can say that the marketing for this game does need some work though. Had I not been a person who loves Sega I would have missed this gem. I played Vanquish and thought it was a great game, but truthfully I am actually having more fun with Binary Domain than i did with Vanquish. Even with the voice commands being "off" I still give this game a 9. (and my vg collection is at around 400).

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    A shame, really. I will be picking up this game along with Yakuza: Dead Souls.

    I have this theory that in America there are gamers and there's also people who just happen to own a current-gen console. The latter outnumbers the former, and will only buy the games that will not damage that image (having a copy of MW3, or if you fell of the Wii Sports fad, that makes you an average joe in America, and you'll be safe from being labeled a nerd.) Because, unlike in Japan were gaming is more socially accepted, in America, gaming tends to be a bit looked down upon.

    In America, an individual with an avid interest in gaming is occasionally barraged with insults like, "You have no life," and "You're a geek." That specific person may or may not take those insults to heart but it certainly does discourage others, especially the younger generation, from taking up gaming as a serious hobby, thus, affecting video game sales in America.

    In short, gaming is viewed as unhealthy by most societies, but none tries as hard as the American society to hinder that market.
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    the game itself looked awfully generic

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