Taxman remade sonic the hedgehog, sonic 2 and sonic 3 and knuckles in a similar way that sonic cd was ported over to xbla and psn. I know its very unlikely, but a man can dream.

The backbone ports for sega games, SUCK, i want to play sonic 3 and knuckles like i did on my genesis! maybe if we pester sega enough we can make then remake sonic 1 with 2.5D graphics and make it play excalty like the orginal. (similar to Halo:CE Anniversey edition) Iam sorry but when i bought sonic 3 last year, i was extremely disappointed that you couldn't use the level select feature like you could in the genesis. I know i could of "researched" on the game, but in my defense all i was expecting what just a complete port of sonic 3 into my xbox.

But anyways sorry about my rant, how would you feel if sega annouced that taxman would be remaking the sonic games over to xbox?