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Thread: Sonic and SEGA All Stars Racing (iOS) Version 1.2 Issues

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    Default Sonic and SEGA All Stars Racing (iOS) Version 1.2 Issues

    I have updated the iOS version of Sonic and SEGA All Stars Racing on my iPod Touch. I was thrilled to find out that Knuckles and Shadow are now playable characters, and couldn't wait to try them out. But there are several serious bugs in this update that have made things frustrating. I have even restarted my iPod Touch and these problems continue to happen. I even tried downloading the app again to make sure, which meant erasing all my data, which included all the purchased racers and course. Even that didn't work. I would appreciate some help or a fix to this. I have an iPod Touch 4th Generation with iOS 5.1.1 and these problems were happening even before when I was on iOS 5.1.0. Here are the main issues:

    • App tends to crash at various areas in various times, such as using the pause menu or loading a race course.
    • The crashing results in all the earned SEGA Miles in the recent races to be lost.
    • Connecting to Facebook doesn't reward your account with 10,000 SEGA miles as promised.
    • The OpenFeint menu does not show up on the app when it is selected, only a gray screen that cannot be exited out of, which will not disapper even after restarting the device.

    I would really appreciate some help since I know SEGA can do well with iOS apps just like their console and other handheld games.
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