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Thread: does semi perminate hair colors ruins hair?

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    Default does semi perminate hair colors ruins hair?

    ok so i been dying my hair blue yes blue im 25 going to be 26 in june and im doing this stuff lol but i like it and want to keep it i quit using bleach since it hurts my head im using a regular blonde dye then slaping blue on and it looks like it did with the bleach but if i do the regular hair dye then put the blue on i should be fine right or will i really be 1 bald or 2 my natrial hair starts turning green for life

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    Not unless you cut it.

    I used to had black and blonde hair so I should know. But as ruining hair I don't know. Maybe.
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    iv colored my hair many times in the past iv done bright pink , blue , green, white , aqua, and cheetah spots. i think any dye damages hair mainly the wacky crazy colored dyes specially if you had to bleach it first. i dont dye my hair anymore.

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    my natrial hair starts turning green for life
    If that happens I will dye my hair more than usual until it starts turning! I'm sick of this purple-turned-pink-turned-white!

    More On Topic: Well, I have purple in my hair, but it's been a mess since before I got the highlights, so I can't tell .
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    i used to put bleach on first but i only did that once or twice now i use a loreal natral blonde color that turns my dark brown to a light brown and the splats blue shows up perfect its the kind that when you put the blue in for 30 mins and wash it out its in your hair for a month or two this is how much of a image i got for this blue im keeping this blue forever


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